What Does Your Wedding Dress Say About You?

Ah!  Your wedding dress.  One of the most important details of your wedding day!  Just like your everyday sense of fashion, your wedding dress says a lot about your personality and personal style.  Check out these AMAZING wedding gowns and what they reveal about your personality!

Happy Planning!


Photo Provided by Katie Jane Photography

Sweet and romantic, this dress shows your sensitivity with a little mystery behind that sheer lace!


Photo Provided by Caroline Tran Photographer/White by Vera Wang

Gwen Stefani and Jessica Biel did it…the colored dress!  This takes guts but if it is pulled off, it is spectacular!

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The sweet, romantic, goddess dress.  This style says that you are laid back yet beautiful!


Photo Provided by Danielle Poff

The modest dress!  Weather to cover up a tattoo, cleavage or for religious reasons, this is the perfect type of modest dress.


Traditional, sweetheart neckline with a little added interest and angles says that you like to be traditional but with a twist.  This dress says that although you play by the rules, you don’t take yourself too seriously!


Photo Provided by Adonye Jaja Photography/Anna Bé/Carolina Herrera

Not your typical princess dress!  This shows your princess style but the sheer covered neckline and the gold inlay on the tulle adds a layer of interest and a little touch of av avant garde!


Photo Provided by Kristen Booth

The sexy dress!


Photo Provided by Chris Nicholls

The vintage/royal dress!  This shows that you are both modest yet classy with a touch of royalty.


Photo Provided by Lizelle Lotter


Photo Provided by Katie Stoops Photography

I can’t get enough of the blush dress!  Who says your wedding dress has to be white.  If you have a little spunk and you are a bit girly, pink is the perfect wedding day color for you!


Photo Provided by Blush Wedding Photography

Last but not least…the bow!  There is nothing more girly, romantic or classic than a bow.  And to top it of with a low back with embellished straps just takes it to the next level!

Brandon & Lauryn, November 15, 2014

I love when I can post pictures of weddings in November so I can brag about how beautiful Glendalough is even in the off season!!  Brandon and Lauryn were married on a chilly day this past November 15!

I had a difficult time choosing and narrowing down the best pictures from this lovely couple.  From the lighting in the ballroom to the picturesque haze that seemed to take over the sky, it was perfection!  But it was Lauryn’s smile that stole the show all day long.  We hope you enjoy this beautiful wedding!

Congratulations Brandon and Lauryn!

Photos provided by Blackbird Photography.























Newly Engaged? 7 Steps To Follow The Month After You Get Engaged!!

It was perfect; everything you ever imagined!  After a rough week at work, you stopped at the store on the way home to pick up a bottle of your favorite red wine and everything you need to make an artisan cheese plate.  It was cold and rainy and all you wanted to do was be alone by the fire.  You make it up the stairs of your quaint apartment building and open the door but before you could step in, there is a book on the floor of the doorway.  You pick it up and the lights turn on only for you to find the love of your life standing in front of you with a pen in his hand.  He says “open the book.”  You take a moment to put your keys and purse down and begin to open the book.  Inside is a professionally published book of your love story.  He insists you read it in its entirety before moving any further.  At the end it reads, “Will You Marry Me?”  He hands you the pen…the rest is history!

You are engaged!  One of the most exhilarating moments of your life!  Don’t make it a stressful time in the proceeding months.  These seven tips will get you on the road to a smooth engagement and wedding planning process!

Step 1:  Celebrate!  Pop some bubbly and call all of your close family and friends to spread the news (if they aren’t already there)!

Photo Provided by  Sweet Monday Photography

Photo Provided by Sweet Monday Photography

Step 2:  Choose a date!  One of the most important first steps.

Photo Provided by  Sam Hurd Photography

Photo Provided by Sam Hurd Photography

Step 3:  Choose a venue!  If your money allows, I would recommend an alternative third step to find and hire a wedding planner.  Some venues offer one (like Glendalough) but if they don’t, wedding planners can be very helpful in finding you a venue.  Dates fill up fast so you want this step to be your top priority!


Step 4:  Find your inspiration!  And by inspiration I don’t mean theme.  Themes can be limited so I encourage you to find your wedding style.  Don’t limit yourself to one particular theme.


Photo Provided by Elizabeth Messina


Photo Provided by Justin Lee Photography

Step 5:  Choose your bridal party and prepare to ask each of them!


Photo Provided by Steph Fowler


Photo Provided by High Cotton

Step 6:  Find your wedding dress!  This is extra important because if you find your dress at a designer bridal salon, it could take months for your dress to come in since it is ordered custom for you.  You will need time to get it fitted and make any necessary alterations before the big day!

Photo Provided by  Clara Tuma

Photo Provided by Clara Tuma

Step 7:  Now it’s time for some fun!  Start planning the wedding!


Photo Provided by Yvonne Duivenvoorden


Happy Planning!