Wedding Etiquette! Everything You Need To Know!

You’re engaged!  The beginning of what will be one of the most exciting days of your life.  After hours of Pinterest surfing, you have nailed down your dress, colors, flowers, ect.  However, remember not to get so caught up in the details of the planning and decor that you forget about basic etiquette.  I like to re-visit a lesson on wedding formalities a couple times a year because let’s face it, we live in the South and wedding etiquette is extremely important!

I have answered the most common questions that brides have to ensure that they are following proper wedding customs!


1.  Tipping:  this is probably one of the most commonly talked about topics amongst brides and wedding professionals!  So, who should you tip?  Well, the answer is, pretty much everyone.  We all know that budget is important so if you are not able to tip everyone, here is a good rule of thumb.  The important people to tip would be your wedding planner (if you did not already pay a wedding planning company), the DJ, the florist, the photographer, the chef or caterer, the minister (since often his/her services are free) and any extra help that day (i.e. assistant coordinators, make up artists, ect.).


2.  Escort cards:  this is a misconception between place cards and escort cards so I am here to put the speculation to rest! place cards (pictured above) are placed on a table just outside the reception space and will include the guest’s first and last name as well as the table number or name that they will be sitting at.


3.  Place cards: Unlike place cards, escort cards identify the specific seat that the guest is to sit at each table.  Therefore, they will pick up their place card outside the reception and then find their seat at the table.  It is perfectly acceptable to just provide place cards and let your guests choose where they would like to sit at the table.  Escort cards are generally used for a  formal plated meal service where sitting in the right seat is critical for the dinner service to flow properly!


4.  Formal place setting:  Above is the proper way to set a table for a formal plated meal.  You can however, opt for a butter knife next to the dinner knife and add a bread and butter plate at the top of the setting.


5.  Are save the dates really necessary?  Well, not technically but they are a great way to control your guest list and give your family and friends ample notice to plan for your big day.


5.  Wedding Gifts:  A lot of people do not know this common mistake.  By tradition, you are actually supposed to mail the wedding gift prior to the wedding and save the cards for the wedding day.  Only about 20 percent of wedding guests do this and the rest bring the gifts to the reception.


6.  Thank you cards:  this is NOT an option!  Sending thank you cards has been a tradition that we adopted many many decades ago.  Your guests sacrificed a lot to be part of your day so the least you can do is thank them for spending the day with you and kind enough to give a gift.

Happy Planning!

Craft Beer In The Name Of Love!

Are you looking for a way to set your wedding apart from all of the other weddings?  Well, if you have decided to have an open bar and you love beer, then you have stopped on the right blog!  You see, anyone can have an open bar offering your mundane selection of name brand beers but for a little effort, you can have a custom selection of craft beer served on your big day.  Weather you choose to brew your own beer at home, select a variety from your local brewery or pay extra for your venue to order your custom selection through their distributor, this choice is a sure way to set your wedding apart.  Just use these simple tips to help you get started.

Bottoms up!

Visit a local brewery and hand select a variety of flavors.  Then, create a custom label to go on the bottle!

Photo Provided by Holland Photography

Photo Provided by Brandon Kidd


Photo Provided by All For Love

Contact your local brewery or growler store to order your favorite selections!  If you are getting married at a venue that does not allow you to bring in your own alcohol, ask the catering manager if they have access to local craft beers in your area.  Display them in their usually fun and crafty original labels!


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Photo Provided by Brittany Alies Photography

Brew your own beer at home.  If you are up for a challenge and a major way to save money, this is a wonderful option!


Happy Planning!

Weddings and Cars!!!

From engagement shoots to wedding props to actual means of transportation, cars in weddings are very common and often overlooked if you ask me!  Adding cars to your wedding, weather it be big or small, is a fantastic way to give the over feminine day a little brawn.  A sure-fire way to make your soon to be hubby a happy camper!  So, how do you go about having these fabulous cars as part of your special day?  There are a handful of classic car rental companies in Atlanta.  A typical two hour rental of say a Rolls Royce will run you around $450.00.  To get the best bang for your buck, I would recommend scheduling the car to arrive an hour and a half before you depart from your reception.  This way, you can get some good photos in front of and in the car before it whisks you away into the sunset!  Another option is to use these cars to make a grand entrance as you will see below.

You don’t always have to pull out the cash however!  If you are lucky enough, you may know someone that owns a few vintage or classic cars that would not mind lending them to you for your wedding!

Happy Planning!


Photo Provided by Magnolia Adams Photography


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Photo Provided by J. Amezqua Photography

This bride made a grand entrance by arriving down the aisle in this car!


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