It’s 2015: Anything Goes!

2015 seems to be the year of Pinterest!  With the world literally at the click of a button and stuffy traditions taking a back seat, it is pretty safe to say that anything goes these days in the wedding industry.  From off the wall style shoots, to unconventional bachelorette celebrations, the ideas are endless and constantly evolving.

I have handpicked some of the most unique, out of the box ideas that will make you say wow!

Happy Planning!

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DIY Table Runners Anyone Can Make!

Perhaps the best trick to save money on your wedding day is go the do it yourself route!  Although Pinterest can be amazing for the crafty bride, it can also be overwhelming and daunting for the not so crafty.  Try not to be intimidated by all of the ideas and hacks that Pinterest has to offer and treat it as your best friend.  With a little patience and some help from your lovely bridesmaids, you can pull of the perfect  DIY table runner for your wedding day.

Simply visit your local fabric store or wholesale retailer and purchase the appropriate measurements for the tables.  Depending on the type of fabric, you may not even need to break out the sewing machine.  Some fabric glue and careful measuring will do the trick!

Happy Planning!


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How To Pull Off An All Natural Look On Your Wedding Day!

Are you the type of girl that normally wears little or no make up?  If you are, then choosing your wedding day look can be one of the more challenging aspects of your wedding day.  The pressure to look a certain way or “over” done up can be stressful and leave you feeling uncomfortable.  The truth is, you want to look like, well, YOU on your wedding day just a better version of the everyday you!  If you are feeling like going all natural for your wedding day, here is how to pull it off.  Basically just slightly sprucing up your already fabulous self.


Photo Provided by Gina Brocker Photography

Photo Provided by Gina Brocker Photography

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Photo Provided by Melissa Kruse Photography

Keeping it light on the eyes and face then adding a pop of color on the lips is perfection!

Photo Provided by  Jamie Beck

Photo Provided by Jamie Beck

This is the ultimate natural look:  mineral powder base for an even tone, skin colored eye shadow, mascara, just enough blush and the perfect hint on pink lip gloss!

Photo Provided by  Elizabeth Messina

Photo Provided by Elizabeth Messina

An example of going a little more natural with a simple bun then a pop of color on the face for some drama.

Happy Planning!