Incorporating Your Children Into You’re Wedding!

Children at weddings?  A bit of a controversial topic amongst wedding guests and the bride and groom, children at weddings are becoming a regular affair.  Why?  Well, most brides and grooms already have children before they decide to take the plunge.  Backwards you may think but thanks to a boom of celebrities like Jessica Simpson, Kourtney Kardashian, Mila Kunis to name a few, starting a family before saying I do is almost starting to become a trend.

Yes, there are some advantages to having children before you get married.  Although some may be a bit traditional, we have had the pleasure to marry many many couples that have children together.  I have noticed that the couples that have children before marriage tend to be a little more relaxed on their wedding day.  Not sweating the small stuff is what they endure everyday with a child after all so it comes naturally to them.  You also get to involve your child in one of the biggest days of your lives together as a couple.

Check out these adorable family photos:)




Photo By Anna Hardy



Photo By Andrew Billington


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Photo By En Pointe Photography

Patriotic Wedding Bliss!

In light of The Fourth Of July celebrations, I always think of July as the patriotic month.  Coming from a military family myself, I have a special place in my heart for the men and women that serve and protect our country!  Realizing that it is especially difficult to plan a wedding when your spouse is stationed overseas and unavailable to make important decisions with you for your special day.  I want to pay tribute to these couples and highlight how beautiful the photos from a military wedding can be!

Incorporating patriotic elements into your ceremony and reception can sometimes be a bit over done.  Here are some great examples of executing this theme to perfection.


Photo Provided by Aaron Watson Photography


Photo Provided by Heart.Love.Weddings


Photo Provided by Michelle Cross Photography


Photo Provided by Julie Harmsen Photography


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First Dance…Best Songs!!!

You have imagined it; what you will look like, how you will feel in that very moment, hoping you don’t step on one another in front of all of your guests!  I am not talking about walking down the aisle or the moment you put your veil on with your mom and bridesmaids adoring you.  I am referring to your first dance as husband and wife!  This is one of my favorite traditions because after all the rushing around to get ready, taking pictures, remembering your vows and getting the entire family together for that perfect photo, it is the time that the two of you can look into each other’s eyes for your first personal moment of the day.  It is also where you start to see the couple’s personalities come through.  From the traditional slow dance, serenade by a friend or band mate or breaking out in a choreographed dance.

Here are my suggestions straight from my Itunes playlist for the best first dance songs!

Serge and Sara

captured by Elizabeth Lloyd Photography

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1.  “Shelter” – Ray Lamontagne (my husband and I’s first dance:)

2.  “All of Me” – John Legend

3.  “I’m Yours” – Jason Mraz

4.  “A Thousand Years” – Christina Perri

5.  “Til Kingdom Come” – Coldplay (one of my favorite songs)

6.  “Crazy For You” – Adele

7.  “Wait Til You See My Smile” – Alicia Keys (an unexpected upbeat song for the couple that has had the odds against them and have been through a lot together)

8.  “Living of Love” – The Avett Brothers

9.  “You Picked Me” – A Fine Frenzy

10.  “I Won’t Give Up” – Jason Mraz

11.  “Ready To Lose” – Ingrid Michaelson feat. Trent Dabbs

12.  “Corner of Your Heart” – Ingrid Michaelson

Ok, so I admit I am a little bit of a folk/indie nut but there are a lot of love songs in this genre that most people overlook.  I hope you enjoy my secret gems:)

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