Hello Boho Wedding!

I find it fascinating that the wedding, fashion and design worlds are so parallel!  What’s hot in the interior design world feeds off all that is going on in fashion and then seems to make its way into the wedding world.  This is why I am very enthusiastic about pulling your wedding inspiration from anywhere.  It could be a really cool restaurant that you visited in an amazing town or a friends house that is decorated to perfection.  Or it could be your favorite printed sweater of headband that inspires what your wedding day will look like.  If you want a unique wedding that reflects your taste, don’t be afraid and don’t over look the magic around you.

Right now, the boho chic/aztec style is for sure my favorite concept.  Here are some of my favorite ways to incorporate this fresh style into your wedding.


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10 Wedding Trends We Don’t Mind Sticking Around!

I find the wedding world fascinating when I step back and take an objective look every so often!  An ever – changing industry with different trends popping up everywhere.  Some stick around, others get the boot quickly.  For those that are here to stay, I have chosen a few of my favorites that I hope will be part of our wedding world for many more seasons to come!

Take a peak!


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Gourmet Popcorn Stations


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Catchy Chalkboard Signs!


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Blinged Out Shoes!


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Flower – Filled Terrariums!


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Dresses With Pockets!


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Fancy Drink Stations!


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Colorful Mixed Bouquets!


The Behind The Door “First Touch”



Cute Kid Table Ideas

D.I.Y or Not, Etsy Will Be Your Friend!

If you have not been on Etsy before, uh…that means you live under a rock!  All kidding aside, Etsy in my opinion is probably the most amazing thing to hit the internet (yes, better than Facebook and Instagram)!  Having direct access to crafters, seamstresses, jewelers and boutique owners across the county is a HUGE  advantage.  Weather you are in search of invitations, bridesmaids gifts, hair accessories, aisle runners, fabric or any other detail, Etsy is the place to go!

Here are some amazing ideas that you can use to make your wedding unique and they are all in one place.

Happy planning and your are welcome!

Be sure to click on each picture to take you to that shop!


This is an amazing fabric guest book!


Place Cards


Head bands and Clips



Custom jewelry.  Perfect for bridesmaids gifts!



Use wallpaper as an aisle runner or custom photo station backdrop!  You can also use it inside a vintage suitcase as a gift card holder.






These are only a FEW examples of the greatness you can find on Etsy.  Visit www.etsy.com to see it all!