Trend Alert: Live Painters at Your Wedding!

Goodbye caricature artists and hello live painters!  What a fantastic trend among us; this is one that I hope stays around for a long time.  I have seen my fair share of quirky caricature artists at weddings and don’t get me wrong, they are a fun touch.  However, the idea of hiring an artist to capture the action and the little moments is just priceless.  In a culture where we are becoming more and more fascinated with the past and all things vintage, it seems like a fitting trend.  I am not hating on this in ANY way!  I think it is a fantastic keepsake from your wedding.  Something that you can be proud to hang in your new house together as art!

Enjoy and happy planning!


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Rehearsal Dinner Ideas!

Planning, planning, planning!  You and your soon to be Mr. have been planning for months now; combing over the fine details from flowers to food to favors.  Amidst all of the details, brides can sometimes forget the importance of the week leading up to wedding day.  Perhaps one of the most important events wedding week is the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.  No matter how formal or informal your wedding is going to be, it is extremely important to have a rehearsal.  The excitement of all of your friends and family flying into town can be overwhelming but practicing where everyone will stand, walk from and timeline details will help eliminate any hiccups on wedding day.  Depending on your venue, it is ideal to schedule your rehearsal time around the same time that your actual wedding ceremony is.  This gives you an idea of lighting, temperature, ect.

So, how formal should your rehearsal dinner be?  Well, this is the opportunity to take it down a few notches and enjoy yourselves as well as your family and friends.  It is perfectly acceptable to keep your rehearsal dinner low key and casual (this does not always mean cheap)!  A brunch, rustic backyard set up and family style dinner are all great ways to keep it fun.  After all, you want to save the good stuff for the wedding day!

Quick tip #1:  Traditionally, the groom’s family is responsible for footing the bill for the rehearsal dinner.

Quick tip #2:  Choose centerpieces for your rehearsal dinner that you can reuse the next day at the wedding.


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Happy Planning!

Don’t “Fall” For Ordinary!

Labor Day festivities are over and Fall is definitely in the air!  It’s not too late to add a few unexpected details to your fall wedding that will give your guests the chills.  Time and time again, we see wedding themes taken so literal that they become cheesy.  I am a big fan of pulling from inspiration rather than sticking to a theme and worrying so much about staying within a certain box.

I invite you to open your minds and expand your Pinterest searches!



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 Happy Planning!