D.I.Y or Not, Etsy Will Be Your Friend!

If you have not been on Etsy before, uh…that means you live under a rock!  All kidding aside, Etsy in my opinion is probably the most amazing thing to hit the internet (yes, better than Facebook and Instagram)!  Having direct access to crafters, seamstresses, jewelers and boutique owners across the county is a HUGE  advantage.  Weather you are in search of invitations, bridesmaids gifts, hair accessories, aisle runners, fabric or any other detail, Etsy is the place to go!

Here are some amazing ideas that you can use to make your wedding unique and they are all in one place.

Happy planning and your are welcome!

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This is an amazing fabric guest book!


Place Cards


Head bands and Clips



Custom jewelry.  Perfect for bridesmaids gifts!



Use wallpaper as an aisle runner or custom photo station backdrop!  You can also use it inside a vintage suitcase as a gift card holder.






These are only a FEW examples of the greatness you can find on Etsy.  Visit www.etsy.com to see it all!

Wedding Cocktails Your Guests Will Be Swooning Over!

Tired of going to weddings and drinking the same old boring beer and wine bar?  Don’t get me wrong, I love beer AND especially wine but your wedding is supposed to be special and exceptional!  Chances are, your guests are not going to remember all of your flowers or what color bridesmaids dresses your girls wore.  But they always remember the food and alcohol…it’s just the truth.  I love these amazing wedding cocktails that are anything but ordinary.

Swoon on!


Photo Provided by: Wildflowers Photography


Photo Provided by The Biju Bride



Photo Provided By: Tidewater and Tulle


Images by Berit, Inc.-Meg Perotti

Photo Provided By Meg Perotti


Happy Planning!

DIY Photo Backdrop!

Photo booths, move over!  The days of hiring pricy photo booths are over.  Instead, brides and grooms are opting to create a DIY, customized photo backdrop instead.  I know, DIY can be scary for some that aren’t crafty but it is super easy to accomplish!  Also, chances are you have a crafty bridesmaid or two that can help!

Check out these easy ways below.

I am a huge fan of using wallpaper for a big impact without breaking the bank.


Photo Provided by Love Wed Bliss

This look can be accomplished by visiting ETSY and finding a suitable wallpaper sheet.  Some inexpensive frames at Hobby Lobby and some piping.  I love the personal touch of adding family wedding photos!


Accomplish this look by going to home depot and getting some drywall sheets and paint them with some inexpensive chalk board paint.  Get a chalk marker from Hobby Lobby and your done!


Photo Provided by Angie Diaz Photography


Photo Provided by Melody Melikian Photography.

These are faux flowers that you can purchase on ETSY or Hobby Lobby.  Of course you can opt for fresh flowers for a little extra cash!

Happy Planning!