Weddings and Cars!!!

From engagement shoots to wedding props to actual means of transportation, cars in weddings are very common and often overlooked if you ask me!  Adding cars to your wedding, weather it be big or small, is a fantastic way to give the over feminine day a little brawn.  A sure-fire way to make your soon to be hubby a happy camper!  So, how do you go about having these fabulous cars as part of your special day?  There are a handful of classic car rental companies in Atlanta.  A typical two hour rental of say a Rolls Royce will run you around $450.00.  To get the best bang for your buck, I would recommend scheduling the car to arrive an hour and a half before you depart from your reception.  This way, you can get some good photos in front of and in the car before it whisks you away into the sunset!  Another option is to use these cars to make a grand entrance as you will see below.

You don’t always have to pull out the cash however!  If you are lucky enough, you may know someone that owns a few vintage or classic cars that would not mind lending them to you for your wedding!

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Photo Provided by J. Amezqua Photography

This bride made a grand entrance by arriving down the aisle in this car!


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Cultural Wedding Traditions Revealed!

Jumping the broom, breaking of the glass, throwing rice!  You have seen and heard about them all but do you really know what they mean and where they derived from?  Throughout my ten years of wedding planning experience, I have pretty much seen it all.  Always my favorite part of a wedding, cultural and religious rituals intrigue me.  So, I’m sharing the most common wedding traditions both culturally and religiously so you can stop guessing.

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Breaking the glass in the Jewish faith symbolizes “the fragility of our relationship and reminds us that we must treat our relationship with special care. This custom was also incorporated into the ceremony to remind everyone that even at the height of personal joy, we must, nevertheless, remember the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. On a lighter note, thought by some to be the last time the groom ever gets to put his foot down.”  – courtesy of


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 The Chinese lantern release symbolizes good luck and prosperity!


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This African American tradition symbolizes jumping into your new life together.  Sometimes described as sweeping away the old and welcoming the new!


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In Ireland, Add a sprig of English lavender; it symbolizes love and devotion. And herbs stand for the bride’s fidelity to her new husband. Another one of the most popular wedding flowers in Ireland is the Bells of Ireland. – courtesy of


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An American tradition meant to bring prosperity and fertility by showering the couple with rice!


The Hindu tradition of the bride wearing a sari for all or part of the wedding day is one of my favorites!  So beautiful and did you know that each region of India has a distinctive style of sari?


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The Chinese tea ceremony is traditionally held the morning of the wedding at the groom’s home.  This is meant to give the two families the opportunity to get to know one another!

Glitter and Glam!!

Move over fairies because glitter isn’t just for dusting anymore!  For years now, the wedding world has been surrounded by rustic, vintage and shabby chic.  Now, I love these particular trends so no complaining here but I am in love with the current obsession with glitter and glamour!  What I dig even more is the fusion of glitz and glam with rustic elements.  The trick is to execute this balance to perfection!  Start with traditional must haves slowly and strategically adding pops of unexpected color and sentimental components.  Finishing it all off with bits of sparkle and glam is a sure fire way to wow your guests and create the perfect back drop for your wedding day memories!

Here are some of my favorite picks!

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