Farm To Table Wedding At It’s Finest!

Organic, local, farm to table, call it what you will but it is all the craze!  I like to think of it as a movement that needed to happen.  If a bride came to me and wanted to execute a full on farm to table wedding, I would be beyond excited!  Our surroundings can quite possibly be our best inspiration for a wedding.  After all, what is better than the natural elements around you coming together to make up your special day?

If you are thinking of doing a farm to table inspired wedding, here are some great ideas that will help you do it from start to finish!

Enjoy and happy planning!


Finding elements from your resources be it the farm you get married on or maybe one that you have access to is the perfect way to create that perfect centerpiece or cute artisan cheese baskets to go on each table.


Using recycled paper and stationary products for your invitations will set the tone for your organic day!


Photo Provided by Jessamyn Harris


Try these individually packaged vegetables and herbs for your guests to plant.  It is a sure way for them to always remember your wedding day!  A beautiful grass fed organically raised filet topped with a fig and wine reduction and paired with an asparagus bundle will wow your guests!


Artichokes always make a beautiful centerpiece and conversation starter!


Going with a family style set up versus the traditional round tables will make your guests feel like they are eating with you at your house!


Yum!  Try using food that is in season like this beautiful beet and heirloom tomato salad topped with pecans and a locally sourced goat cheese!



Moonshine favors…yes PLEASE!!!!!


LOVE these adorable little welcome baskets to have ready for your guests when they arrive for your wedding!


Centuries ago, European aristocrats, most notably those in France and Italy, would send their wedding guests home with a small gift called a bonbonniere, or as it’s called in Italian, a bomboniere. These weren’t exclusively a wedding staple since they were also given out at birthday parties and other celebratory occasions.  A bonbonniere was actually a box made of porcelain, crystal, precious stones or metal. Inside one would find delicacies made of sugar. It was from these boxed and gift wrapped confections that today’s wedding favors are derived.  Facts thanks to:

Ah, the wedding favor!  A long time wedding tradition that can be dated back to the 16th century.  However, traditions have evolved as the world has evolved.   You have seen it all from personalized bags of m&ms, labeled candles, ect…  How about a wedding favor that your guests will actually enjoy.  Let’s just be honest, besides the obvious reason of celebrating your love, your guests deep down inside can’t wait to indulge in good food, drinks and take away gifts that reflect the true personality of you and your fiance.  After all, it provides them with a little insight on who you are as a couple.  I invite you to check out these awesome ideas for wedding favors because you can never go wrong with something delicious to eat, drink and a memento that will last a long time!


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Happy Planning!


“For Better or For Worse, In Sickness and In Health”

I, (name), take you (name), to be my (wife/husband), to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part.  We have all heard it, appreciate it and can probably recite it in our sleep; the traditional wedding vows!  It is what we think of when we envision a wedding ceremony but traditional doesn’t have to be boring.  Writing your own vows does not have to be an impossible task. 

Now, I’m a writer and even for me, writing my vows were some of the most difficult words that I have ever released from my head and put on paper.  Have no fear because with the help of the internet and a little personal touches, you can pull off the perfect vows for YOUR wedding day!  Perhaps the most common struggle is wondering how you can possibly put into words how much you love your fiance.  I get it; you don’t want to sound cheesy or shallow or simply like every other ceremony that you have witnessed.

So, where do you begin?  Well, start by looking on the internet for sample wedding vows.  This will give you a good idea of the traditional vows that you can add onto.  It may also trigger an emotion or a memory that you have with your fiance thus prompting you to start your personal vows.  For instance, as I began to right my own wedding vows, I remembered the moment I fell in love with my husband and how I felt.  Then all of my thoughts just started flowing and I realized that he was like home to me which became the focal point in my vows and surprisingly in his.

Try and remember the reasons you fell in love and what qualities about each other make you excited to live with each other every day.  Another source of inspiration is through music!  Musical lyrics are filled with creative versus of love and the real hardships that go along with love.  I promise if you do some of this relationship soul searching, you will write the most beautiful vows that will be perfect for the kind of couple that you are.

Good luck!

Photo Provided by Harwell Photography

Photo Provided by Harwell Photography