Ceremony Tosses

Tossing of the rice at the happy new couple is an olldddddd tradition, symbolizing abundance and fertility.  There are plenty of new ways to do it and it is something that almost every newlywed couple wants as their departure.

You have probably heard that raw rice grains are harmful to bird, even though some say that’s a complete myth… Even so, rice may not be the best choice for tossing because it can be slippery and difficult and annoying to clean up. Here are some better alternatives:

Fill sheer fabric pouches with tiny hydrangea blooms or petals from other seasonal flowers and finish the pouches with a cute little ribbon.

  • Try tossing seasonal blooms or their petals.  Remove stems from the blossoms, and have bridesmaids carry baskets of them. That way guests can reach in and grab handfuls to toss!

A festive way to close a wedding ceremony is to light sparklers as the bride and groom leave the site.

  • These can also be used as favors for the guests at an evening wedding, where they can be given out along with printed matchboxes or matchbooks. Tape a sparkler to the back of each matchbox to keep them from sliding about, and tie with a ribbon.

These small bubble bottles are made specifically for weddings. The bubbles look adorable floating around the bride and groom, both in person and in photographs.

http://weddingshop.theknot.com/WEDDINGWAREHOUSE/ProductPage.aspx?scId=Wedding Bubbles(KnotShop)&pId=P17(KnotShop)&cId=Favors(KnotShop)&cTypF=

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