Cake :-P

The traditional wedding cake has seemed to have taken a modern spin….. Modern looks, art themes, and bride personilization has become ever- present,

and we at Glendalough,

LOVE it.

With these awesome new “Cake-offs” on the Food Network and such, brides are thinking of crazier ideas for their wedding cake.

>>Actually one of our Preferred Vendors here,

Cakes by Debbie, has been on one of these amazzinng Cake-off’s and WON! Snap! 

—> Also, the emergence of our “wild-side-brides” look to having  cakes like these. (Not for the uber-traditional brides, obviously! haha)


For the more classic, traditional brides, there are still ways to let your inner self shine… Are you into the frills, pearls, and sweet flowers? Show off your inner-girl and keep your focus on the flowers.

Then, there are always the  brides that like the ever- lovable individual cakes.

Your groom likes Coconut and Chocolate with Ganache, you like Vanilla with Strawberry filling with Buttercream icing… what to do, what to do??

 Easy fix…. CUPCAKES!

And then my personal fave, is the art themed or even crazy movie themes….. Likkkkeeeee, this Jackson Pollack themed cake! So awesome looking and with all that chocolate?

You know that will be delicious! LOVE<3

Granted, I did a more Tim-Burton-eque type wedding cake (I have a secret, dark side…haha), which I KNOW is going to be incredible! 🙂

Funky shaped layers with rounded edges and inward inverted sides, and chocolate creepy twig looking things… Don’t make fun, I love it! Can’t wait till the big day to see it all in person!!


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