Help! What do I give my bridesmaids?!


So you want to do something creative for your girls? Well for those of you who don’t know me…I LOVE CRAFTS! So if you’ve got a little extra time you could make something really unique for your gal pals!

Instead of doing the same ‘ol necklace/earring combo, try this MWL (Made With Love) gift from the heart!


One of my favorite gift ideas for bridesmaids is a clutch purse you picked out just for them!

Okay you’ll love this one! My new favorite site is Etsy! Get on there and find something handmade that is beautiful! Unique earrings, a vintage hair accessory like these clips, or even a new pair of shoes!

So whether you make them something or buy them something, just be sure it’s personal!

Those are always the best gifts!

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