You just got engaged…now what?

Congratulations on your engagement!

 If you are recently engaged you may still be up in the clouds about your engagement!
After he proposes there is so much to do….you have to call all of your friends and scream that you just got engaged, post it on Facebook so everyone knows, bask in the attention of friends and family congratulating you, show off your beautiful ring, and then……start planning the wedding of your dreams.  Once reality hits that you now have to plan a wedding many brides are left with the question….now what?

Well, I am here to help!
In my experience the first thing that any bride should do is decide on a budget.  Over the next few weeks I will give you insight on how to start a budget and give clear examples of what should be done and some things to expect.

Look for my next post on “Who Pays For What?”…

Happy Planning!

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