Wearing Flats on Your Wedding Day

After planning hundreds of weddings I have come to the conclusion….

That every bride needs a good pair of flats to wear on her wedding day!

 So many brides on their wedding day end up complaning about how bad their feet hurt and are begging for pictures end so they can kick off their high heeled shoes!  Trust me, no matter how expensive the high heeled shoes are they will eventually hurt your feet.  If you invest in a pair of flats you won’t have to worry…after the ceremony you can throw on a fabulous pair of flats and dance the night away.

Brides are even wearing flats for their ceremony!  Depending on the dress, the location, or maybe even your height:) high heeled shoes may not be prcatical for you so flats are your best option!

Flats are becoming very popular for brides and there are finally tons ofstyles to choose from. Here are some popular styles brides are wearing!

You can even choose to have your “something blue” be your wedding flats…

 Or you can rock some colored chucks under your dress!


 And lastly, I love the idea of wearing something for a great cause..Toms!

 If you are wearing flats on your wedding day we would love to hear about it!

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