Cupcake Wedding Cakes

Over the last few weeks I have had several brides tell me they want a cupcake wedding cake!

Believe it or not cupcake wedding cakes have been around since the mid-90’s. Over the past few years these cakes have gained increased popularity with brides.  There are many reasons brides are choosing cupcake cakes and one of the biggest reasons is price.  If you are a DIY bride, cupcake cakes can be a great way to save money especially if you choose plain iced cupcakes and decorate them yourself. You can use all sorts of edible flowers and candies to decorate the cupcakes. You can save even more money if you pick them up from the bakery yourself and display them on the day of the wedding!

Using colored ribbon on the edge of the cupcake stand is a great way to add a pop of color!

Brides be warned…depending on the amount of detail of the cupcakes you choose they can end up being very pricey. If you want something a little more intricate on each cupcake it can be more expensive than a traditional wedding cake due to the amount of work involved.

Check out this idea of having a colored wedding cake topper!  The use of color is very elegant!

Another reason you may choose a cupcake cake is that they can be very unique and different.  My favorite look of cupcake cakes is to have an anniversary tier topper to cut in to on the wedding day.  That way you are mixing the traditional wedding cake topper with a more modern feel by using cupcakes for the other “tiers”.

Would you have a cupcake wedding cake?  We would love to hear your thoughts on this growing trend!


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