Nontraditional Wedding Cake Toppers

Cake Toppers are back in a big way and I have to say I am pretty excited!  The tradition of cake toppers started in the 50’s and was a way to symbolize togetherness. Over the last ten years cake toppers have taken a back seat to using fresh flowers to top the wedding cake.  Although I still like using fresh flowers as a topper, it does make the wedding cake a little more memorable when you use a topper that is unique to you. Plus, I like anything that can be kept as a keepsake from your wedding day.

Traditional cake toppers are of a bride and groom standing together dressed in formal attire but today you can find all kinds of nontraditional toppers.  These toppers can represent a couple’s personality, interests or hobbies. Below are some of my favorite nontraditional cake topper ideas.

One of the newest trends in wedding cake toppers are made from wood.  These wooden figures can be customized by changing the color of the hair, wedding attire and even adding elements to compliment your wedding theme.  Check out the beach themed topper!

I love the glasses and the birdcage veil added to match the couple.

If you are concerned with budget, check out these customizable wedding toppers that are only $38.00! They are hand painted and just adorable!

I love these rockin’ figures below…don’t miss the facial hair!! Too cute!

One of my favorites are the superhero inspired figurines. Batman has saved the day!

And if you don’t want the traditional bride and groom topping the cake you can always use your initials to make a statement!

Who can resist a pair of lovebirds?

Like I mentioned earlier, these nontraditional toppers may not be for everyone.  If you like this idea but unsure if it is “you” , you can always find a topper that fits your personality and use it as a topper for the grooms cake!

What do you think about these nontraditional cake toppers?  We would love to know!


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