2012 Wedding Trend: Ombre!

Ombre is a french word meaning shaded or graduated in color. Up until a few weeks ago I had heard this word in fashion but never paid too much attention to it, until I posted the picture of the ombre petal aisle runner mentioned in our blog Unique Aisle Runners.  For weddings you will start seeing this trend in wedding cakes, linens, flowers and even wedding dresses.  If you want a monochromatic color scheme, using an ombre pattern will give more of an edge to your single color tones.

My suggestion would be to go to your local hardware or paint store and start choosing paint swatches in the colors you like best. Most paint swatches are displayed from the lightest to darkest shade (ombre) so it will be easier to choose some of the color combinations you love.

One of the most popular ways you may see ombre at a wedding is with the wedding cake!

Sometimes the inside of the wedding cake will also be in an ombre pattern with multiple flavors in each layer.  Just another way to add to this Ombre themed wedding!

Flowers are another way to use an ombre pattern from lightest to darkest on the tables.  I think long estate tables really make this look pop!

I love the idea of renting or even making your own ombre runners to compliment the floral centerpieces.

And don’t forget about the fashion to match!  Bridesmaid can be in dresses of varying shades ranging from lightest to darkest.  Just make sure if you choose to do ombre dresses to make the bouquets very simple or it can be too much!

Some of these inspiration photos I have found are absolutely beautiful and I can’t wait to see more ombre weddings!

I know this trend isn’t for every bride but I would love to hear what you think about the ombre themed wedding!

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