What’s for Dinner? Breakfast!!

I love the idea of having a breakfast wedding!  Whether you are getting married in the morning, afternoon, or evening breakfast is always a fun and delicious choice.

Pancakes, eggs, waffles, biscuits…..Mmmmm makes my mouth water!  Who doesn’t love breakfast food?  I can promise you your guests will enjoy eating something other than the same chicken dish that they are usually served at every other wedding.

Take a look at these breakfast themed wedding and grooms cakes incorporating donuts!

Plus, a bloody mary station works best at a breakfast wedding!

Keep in mind, if you decide to get married in the morning/afternoon, most venues will give discounted rates for earlier time slots.  Many brides want evening weddings, so this can end up saving you a bundle.

Also, if you decide to have an early wedding time and serve breakfast you have the rest of day after wedding to enjoy family, friends and each other.  Your guests, in some cases, have traveled hundreds of miles to come and see you get married.  For most brides and grooms you barely get to say hello at the wedding  with all the festivities.  A breakfast wedding allows you to meet up with those family members after the wedding to enjoy their company. (Plus you can hear all their thoughts on the wedding! ;))

What do you think about breakfast weddings?

Would you serve breakfast for dinner at your wedding?

Leave us your thoughts!

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