Inspiration: All White Wedding

Brides this year are going neutral!

Jewel tones are fading out and a more neutral color palette is taking it’s place. With all it’s simplicity, an all white wedding can make a big statement!

The key to making an all white wedding look phenomenal is to mix your neutral colors together.  Pair white with cream and beige to give more depth to the room.

One of my favorite reasons to have an all white wedding is that it works well in any season!   Depending on what you pair it with, white and other neutrals are the perfect colors for a summer or a winter wedding.   For a summer wedding pair white with lace or burlap and for a winter wedding you can pair white with white trees, pearls, and fur to totally change the look of the wedding.

When using all white and other neutrals make sure to include lots of candlelight and up-lighting.  This will be the perfect compliment to a neutral color scheme.

Try pairing an all white wedding with metallic accents like silver or gold.  And remember to mix textures to give more interest.  For example, mix a soft ruffled white linen with the hardness of a silver urn for the flowers.

An all white or neutral wedding can be carried throughout the entire wedding day including your ceremony decor and bridesmaids dresses!

You can even choose to carry the theme through to the food and include an all white and/or neutral candy buffet or wedding cake!

What do you think about having an all white wedding?  Let us know your thoughts!

Happy Planning!

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One thought on “Inspiration: All White Wedding

  1. Wow. An entirely white wedding is a serious statement maker and looks incredible! And there’s so many creative things you can do even if you’re limited on color choices.

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