Americana Inspired Wedding: Red, White and Blue

Happy 4th of July!

Today being the 4th of July I wanted to give you some inspiration for an Americana Inspired Wedding!

You don’t have to get married around the 4th to use this theme since it can be a perfect choice for a wedding in the Spring or Summer.  The color palette goes beautifully together (shades of red, white and blue) and can be paired with rustic elements to give a vintage, classic feel.

Outside weddings are perfect for this theme giving a more casual comfortable atmosphere to the ceremony and reception.  This color palette may lend itself to a more casual feel, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful and elegant.  I think an Americana Inspired wedding looks best by using shades of blue and red as well as different textures and patterns, like stripes, checks and solids, to complete the overall look.

I love the idea of using a blue color story for the ceremony/cocktail hour and using all red and white details for the reception like below.

One of the best parts of an Americana wedding is the food! Any down home cooking will do!! Brides are choosing BBQ, mini sliders, mac and cheese, and of course delicious dessert stations!

One of my favorite dessert station ideas that is a perfect match for this theme is an assorted pie station with cherry, apple and blueberry pies….yum!

Lastly, you can’t have an Americana wedding (or 4th of July wedding) without a little sparkle!

Tell us what you think about this Americana Inspired Wedding!

Happy Planning and Happy 4th of July!

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