Nontraditional Wedding Invitations

I am in love with nontraditional invitations!  Don’t get me wrong, I still adore some  traditional wedding invitations but if you want to wow your guests before they even arrive think outside of the box and design a unique invitation! If you want to create a unique invitation, start with the theme of the wedding and also your personalities to decide what design would fit you best.

I have listed some great ideas to get you started in creating your own one-of-a-kind invitation!

One of my favorite ideas is to tell your love story in the invitation.  Especially if you have had a long engagement or long relationship.  This allows people that may not know your love story to connect with you on a personal level and learn things that may not have known without the invitation!

Are you a teacher, librarian or just a geek at heart?  Use that as the inspiration for your invitations.  Use index cards and library cards as the invitation.  Or have your invitations printed like a sheet of notebook paper.  You can even include a pop quiz!

For a destination wedding you can send guests a telegram or a postcard with the destination!  I also love the idea of sending them a “passport” with all of the wedding details!

If you love the outdoors or traveling, have an adventure themed invitation.  So cute to include a wedding patch!

Another great idea for the comic book lovers is to create your own one of a kind comic strip detailing your love story!

There are so many possibilities when designing an invitation. Think of all the things that make you unique as a couple and start creating an invitation your guests won’t forget to RSVP!

Happy Planning!

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