The Hottest Wedding Color for Spring 2013: Lemon Zest!

Pantone comes out with their fashion report every season which includes the hottest colors in fashion.  I have to say I am in love with the spring 2013 colors!  Say goodbye to the bright, neon colors of 2012 and welcome a more muted, yet rich, color palette.

Photo provided by Be A Bride

One color that stands out from the rest and is predicted to be the “it” wedding color is Lemon Zest!  Lemon Zest is a fabulous shade of yellow with subtle hints of green.

Photo provided by Wedding Industry Pros

Be bold and try pairing lemon zest with any of the other colors in the Spring 2013 color report.  You will find that lemon zest pairs well with almost all the colors. It is such a happy and cheerful color making it a perfect choice for a Spring wedding.

Photo provided by JetfeteBlog

If you love lemon zest, make sure to keep posted to our blog!

We are working on a color story for lemon zest to give you inspiration on how to use this color at your wedding!  We are also revealing our favorite color palette that incorporates lemon zest!

Photo provided by Pinterest

What do you think about the color lemon zest?

Love it or hate it?

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