All Wrapped Up! Bridal Shrugs, Capes and Boleros

Living in Georgia you never know what the weather will be like in advance.  In March we could get snow or in October have one of the hottest days of the year.  Whether you know or not if it will be chilly on your wedding day, being prepared for the cold weather is always smart. In the past brides were limited to choosing a pashmina or scarf to wear around their shoulders but now you can be fabulous and stay warm.  Designers are creating beautiful shrugs, capes and boleros to fit any season.

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If weather isn’t a factor but you are looking for a way to cover up during the ceremony but let show a little more skin during the reception these great wraps are also a great choice for you.  Look at organza and tulle cover ups for a Spring or Summer wedding and satin or fur for colder months of the year.

Shrugs are a great choice if you want to cover your shoulders and slightly cover your arms but still have your décolletage showing.

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Photo provided by Colin Cowie Weddings

Boleros are beautiful to cover your entire chest and slightly cover your arms.  My favorite boleros are lace and give such a soft, vintage feel.  Don’t be afraid to wear a lace bolero even if you don’t have lace on your dress.

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Photo provided by Lovella Bridal

Capes are another new way to cover up at a wedding and can be worn short for a different look.  The long capes are very ethereal and I love how they move when you walk! So pretty!

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Leave us your thoughts on these new bridal cover ups!  What’s your favorite look?