Wedding Toss Ideas Other Than Rice or Bird Seed

Throwing rice is an old tradition dating back to ancient times and is intended to give good luck, fertility and abundance to the happy couple. Food items were chosen and varied based on region to represent abundant crops.  Today, many brides are looking for a more modern approach to this old tradition. Here are a few of my favorite ideas that you may want to consider for your wedding!

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Flowers are a great alternative to rice and bird seed. With its slight fragrance and beautiful color, Lavender is one of my favorite choices.  Also look at rose petals or assorted dried flowers in your wedding colors.  Placed in cones or small bags it makes the perfect way to hand guests the right handful to throw at your departure.

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Another fun idea is confetti.  Some confetti is made in to larger circles so it is more visible in pictures.  You can even purchase wedding poppers that can be released as you exit.  Just make sure to check with your venue before deciding on something small like confetti since it is not easily cleaned up.

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You can also use streamers that pop out like confetti would. These are great for clean up since the streamers stay attached to the base.  Or consider using tiny pieces of streamers placed in small bags to be given to the guests.

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Another fun alternative is silly string….how much fun would guests have shooting silly string at you and your husband as you depart?!

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If you really like the idea of bird seed or rice but want a small change try sprinkles!  Yes, sprinkles like what we put on ice cream and other desserts makes the perfect bright and colorful alternative to bird seed!

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If you really don’t like the idea of guests throwing anything at you, look at using bubbles or even sparklers.  Just make sure to consider the time of your departure to determine how well bubbles or sparklers would show up in pictures.

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Do you have an alternative to rice or bird seed that you are using at your wedding? Tell us about it!

Happy Planning!

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