DIY: Wedding Edible Arrangements

Welcome to the year of DIY weddings!  So many brides this year are having DIY weddings where almost everything at the wedding is handmade.  If you have the free time to make many of the details of the wedding, you can end up saving lots of money.  If you don’t have endless amounts of time, you may need to pick and choose which items you will make versus which items to buy.  One easy way to save money is to make your own table centerpieces for the reception. An easy, yet creative, DIY centerpiece involves using edible materials.  Here are some edible arrangements I can’t wait to hear your opinion on!

One of the most common edible arrangements involve using fruit. A simple bowl full of lemons, apples or pears can add some color to the tables at a fraction of the cost of fresh flowers.

Photo provided by Wedding Window
Photo provided by My Wedding

Who knew using grapes as a table centerpiece could look so beautiful paired with a few fresh flowers?

Photo provided by Edible Crafts

Or consider using vegetables!  Use asparagus, string beans and artichokes as candle holders for a simple, elegant look.

Photo provided by Violet Photography and Design
Photo provided by Elizabeth Anne Designs

For a rustic wedding, I love the idea of using fresh herbs as table centerpieces!

Photo provided by Weddinary

 If you are a baker at heart, you can make mini cakes, pies or cookies to use as table centerpieces!

Photot provided by Brenda's Wedding Blog
Photo provided by Andrew and Jessica Blog

For a casual wedding you can even think about using candy!  Put colorful candy in glass jars or make candy or lollipop topiary’s!  I’m not sure about the candy centerpiece idea but for the right bride this might be the perfect idea!

Photo provided by In Season Events
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Are edible arrangements a “do” or a major “don’t”?  Would you have an edible arrangement at your reception?

Let us know!

Happy Planning!