The Best Kids Wedding Activities

Everyone wants their wedding to be fun! Unless you request an adult only wedding reception kids will be at your wedding and they should have fun too!  To keep kids entertained I suggest having a kids “corner” with activities to keep them busy and having fun.    A kids corner is easy to set up inside the reception venue.  Just use a few small tables and chairs inside the reception just for the kids.  For an outside wedding you can even set up a small tent just for the kiddos.

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My favorite idea for kids is to make a packet full of fun activities.

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In this packet provide crayons and customized bride and groom coloring pages!  This is especially great for smaller kids who love to color.

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Also give each kid a disposable camera.  Not only can they take pictures of guests but also give them a wedding themed “I Spy” game to play!

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I also love the idea of having board games on the table to keep kids busy for hours!

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Do you have other activities you would include on your kids table?

We want to know!

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