Unique Wedding Lighting

To create the right mood, you need the right lighting!  The right lighting can make an ordinary space in to something extraordinary.  If you are looking to make an impact at your event, lighting is a great way to do that!  Here are a few unique ways lighting can be used for a ceremony or reception to make a big impact.

Every bride thinks about using votive candles for her guest tables but have you thought about making a design in the grass or along a pathway?  This idea is simple and inexpensive to achieve.

Photo provided by Full Circle Events

You can also use large lanterns or luminaries for a bigger impact.  It will give a similar look but you won’t need as many!

Photo provided by Brides
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To add a pop of color use tissue paper inside mason jars! This look so stunning at night!

Photo provided by Intimate Weddings

For an indoor reception space that lacks character use lighting along the walls to create a certain mood.  My favorite way to transform the space is to use a pattern on the walls or ceilings.

Photo provided by Accent the Party
Photo provided by CinZo Photography

For all of my crafty brides you can make your own sign using light bulbs.  Not only does it create mood lighting in a creative way but you can create it to say any saying you want!

Photo provided by The-Louisville-Wedding-Blog

Which lighting idea is your favorite?

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