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Congratulations, you are engaged!!  Getting engaged is the first of many memorable and exciting moments that you and your fiance will share together in you journey through life together.  You will now make decisions together, share sorrows and joys, find peace when in each other’s company and grow as individuals which will continue to bring you stronger together as a couple.  So now that the big moment has happened, what is next?  Well, the first four months following an engagement is probably the most critical time in planning your wedding!

This part 1 of our “Just Engaged” segment is the just the first piece of advice that you will need in the months right after your big engagement.  Once you have shared the exciting news with your closest friends and family, one of the first things that you want to do is throw an engagement party; either planned or a surprise!  Engagement parties have fallen by the waist side over the past few years but they are beginning to make an appearance again in a BIG way!

Engagement parties are the perfect place to begin your love story and share it with your family and friends.  It is a great way for everyone to get to know the two of you not only as individuals but to see how you are as a couple as well.   A perfect opportunity for you to ask or reveal who you have chosen to be in your bridal party or a special part of your big day.  You want to keep in mind that whomever is invited to the engagement party should ultimately be invited to the wedding.  I would stick to your closest family and friends for the engagement party!

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Start putting together a guest list and send out invitations!  If you have already decided on a color scheme or theme for your wedding, this the first chance you will get to introduce that.

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Decide how fancy you want the party to be!

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Depending on how fancy your party is, decide on the menu and make it spectacular!

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Every girls loves an excuse to buy a new dress!  As the bride, look stunning yet comfortable and be sure to let your guests know what the requested attire is!

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Don’t forget to add personal touches to your engagement party!

Happy Planning!

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