Unforgettable Bouquets!

With all of the wedding traditions out there today, it is difficult to determine which traditions hold true!  Why does the bride carry a bouquet of flowers on her wedding day?  Weather it is warding off evil spirits and unwanted bad luck with bouquets of garlic and herbs or the more modern day bouquet of fresh flowers to mask body odor, the exact origin of the traditional bridal bouquet is a bit open ended.  There are no concrete findings as to why it has become tradition for the bride to carry flowers.  Obviously, in present day wedding traditions, this has become almost a must have and more like an accessory rather than a custom.  What can be more associated with wedding flowers these days for the symbolic bride is the meaning behind each flower.  Flowers may represent love, happiness, prosperity, and so on. 

I am happy to share these incredible and unforgettable bridal bouquets!

Photo Provided by Bergreen Photography

Sunflowers, pink phlox, babies breath and feathers make this bouquet rustic and beautiful!

Photo Provided by Studio 11 Weddings

Peach roses, white hydrangea, succulents and Queen Anne’s Lace….Ahhh!!!

Photo Provided by Ben Higgins

This whimsical bouquet finished off with the hanging amaranths gives it a garden yet very romantic feel!

Photo Provided by Robyn Preston Photography.

Having a beach wedding?  This bouquet made out of stunning broaches, sea shells and pearls is the perfect, simple bouquet for that relaxed bride!

Photo Provided by Life In Velvet


Photo Provided by Julian Kanz Photography

This breathtaking mixture of light pink garden roses (fully open) with bits of yellow in the center accompanied by bit of Queen Anne’s Lace tucked in is perfectly simple yet dynamic!

Photo Provided by Sun & Sparrow Photography

Pink roses, pink ranunculus, green hydrangea, pink phlox, queen anne’s lace and hanging amaranths to name a few!

Photo Provided by Aneta MAK

The anemone (pictured in the center the white flower with black center) if often hard to find and comes at a price which is why you usually see them in magazines!  It is a beautiful addition to a bouquet!

Photo Provided by Brandon Wong Photography

I just LOVE this bouquet full of nothing but Peonies!!  So beautiful and stunning!  Be careful though, Peonies are only available early to peak Spring and can cost a pretty penny but are worth it!