Erich and Amberly, April 26, 2014

Wow!  I don’t even know where to begin with this sweet, fun loving couple.  Erich and Amberly were wed in our beautiful gardens on April 26, 2014…a perfect spring evening!  Traditions fulfilled, laughter present and love in the air, their joy for life and the love they have for each other prevails through these amazing photos taken by the talented Katie Carter with Blackbird Photography!  There were so many fantastic ones it was hard to choose!


ErichAmberly37 ErichAmberly74

ErichAmberly118 ErichAmberly165

ErichAmberly189 ErichAmberly243 ErichAmberly375 ErichAmberly376 ErichAmberly379 ErichAmberly386 ErichAmberly471 ErichAmberly503 ErichAmberly505 ErichAmberly517 ErichAmberly523 ErichAmberly530 ErichAmberly545 ErichAmberly553 ErichAmberly567 ErichAmberly571 ErichAmberly649 ErichAmberly678 ErichAmberly934 ErichAmberly960 ErichAmberly975 ErichAmberly1317 ErichAmberly1354