Paper Cranes and 7 Ways To Use Them In Your Wedding!

Paper cranes have grown in popularity as an addition to wedding decor perhaps due to their symbolism.  Since Ancient China, the crane bird has and continues to represent eternal happiness and youth.  Who wouldn’t want that as part of their wedding day?!  As themes are starting to disappear, we are seeing more couples focusing on achieving an overall feeling for their special day rather than sticking to a certain color scheme or played out theme.  Blending different ideas, cultures, decor and hands on elements is a great way to make your wedding represent who you are as a couple!

Here are 7 fantastic and beautiful ways to incorporate paper cranes into your wedding decor.

Happy Planning and Pinning!

Photo Provided by Carmen Salazar



Photo Provided by Brooke Allison Photography

A few paper cranes over the centerpieces or an extravagant crane chandelier!





Photo Provided by T&C Photographie

The perfect place card display!

Photo Provided by colin weddings


A stunning back drop!


Use love stories!


Pretty paper from the craft store for a vibrant look!