DIY Photo Backdrop!

Photo booths, move over!  The days of hiring pricy photo booths are over.  Instead, brides and grooms are opting to create a DIY, customized photo backdrop instead.  I know, DIY can be scary for some that aren’t crafty but it is super easy to accomplish!  Also, chances are you have a crafty bridesmaid or two that can help!

Check out these easy ways below.

I am a huge fan of using wallpaper for a big impact without breaking the bank.

Photo Provided by Love Wed Bliss

This look can be accomplished by visiting ETSY and finding a suitable wallpaper sheet.  Some inexpensive frames at Hobby Lobby and some piping.  I love the personal touch of adding family wedding photos!


Accomplish this look by going to home depot and getting some drywall sheets and paint them with some inexpensive chalk board paint.  Get a chalk marker from Hobby Lobby and your done!

Photo Provided by Angie Diaz Photography
Photo Provided by Melody Melikian Photography.

These are faux flowers that you can purchase on ETSY or Hobby Lobby.  Of course you can opt for fresh flowers for a little extra cash!

Happy Planning!