Wedding Colors for Spring 2012

If you are trying to decide on a color palette for your spring wedding in 2012, make sure to check out the Pantone Fashion Color Report. Look at mixing and matching these colors to pick your favorite combination.
The new trend is to take a neon color and mix with a pastel color.  Pantone also suggests combining this with a more neutral color like Driftwood, or Starfish, to complete your perfect color combination.

Pantone Fashion Color Report Spring 2012

In 2011 many brides were incorporating one of my favorite colors in to their wedding….purple! I love the idea of picking a bold color like Cockatoo to compliment Sweet Lilac.  It gives a great contrast and new color combination for 2012!


Or if you want to be bold mix Cockatoo with Tangerine Tango…almost makes you feel like you are at the beach enjoying the sunset!

Another favorite is the Sodalite Blue and Solar Power….classic color combination with a twist!

  Just gorgeous!

For all the brides that love pink try Caberet and Granita to give a soft romantic feel to your wedding….I think it’s just the right amount of pink!

I hope these color combinations have helped in your search for the perfect wedding colors for you!  We would love to hear what new color combinations you have chosen!

Happy Planning!

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Top 5 Trends in Wedding Dresses for 2012

1. Lace Sleeves

You can thank the Royal wedding for the 2012 trend that some people are calling the ‘Kate Middleton effect’.  There is no doubt that Kate M. looked stunning in her lace sleeved dress and many designers for 2012 are creating similar dresses.  These ball gowns are satin with lace bodices and sleeves with long satin trains (and the best part is many designers are making the train detachable for the reception).  If you are looking to have your own royal wedding this may be the perfect dress for you!

  If you like the idea of lace sleeves for the ceremony but not sure you want sleeves the whole night, designers are also making beautiful lace shrugs that can be worn for the ceremony and taken off for the reception!

2. Illusion necklines:

An Illusion neckline is sheer fabric over a bodice extending up to the neckline.  There are many different styles of illusion necklines and some are using the sheer fabric as straps or over the entire chest up to the neck line and are usually accentuated with embellishments.  If you want to feel classic and modest but sexy at the same time this is a great choice.
The sheer fabric makes you feel covered and modest while still giving a hint of skin….love it!

3. Decorative Belts

If you are a little on the non-traditional side and want some color in your dress but not sure if you want to plunge in to an all color dress, then a decorative belt might be the perfect
touch for you.  These decorative belts come in all different colors and have different embellishments depending on the dress shape and style.   An idea I love is to wear an ivory belt for the ceremony and switch it up by changing in to a different belt or sash with a pop of color for the reception.  It will look like a whole new dress!

4. Color

I know we talked about this in the previous post Color is In: Wedding Trends 2012 but color is everywhere in wedding gowns. If you want to suprise your guests with something they haven’t seen before then a colored ball gown may do the trick!

More and more brides are changing in to different party dresses for the reception and what better way to wow people than to change in to a short colored party dress!

5. Texture:

Designers are using creative fabrics and designs to create volume and texture in wedding gowns for 2012.  Tulle and lace are creating beautiful flowers, layers, and ruffles making a bold statement.


Trying on wedding gowns is one of the most fun and exciting times you will have in the wedding planning process.  Have fun with it and make sure to try on every style and trend…you never know what you may end up liking!!  If you want more information on the dresses pictured make sure to contact Etain Bridal Boutique!


Invitation Wedding Ornament

Merry Christmas!

If you are like me, you are struggling with finding the right gift for all of your friends and family.   Well, I  couldn’t wait to share this great gift idea that I saw on a past Glendalough Manor brides’ Pinterest board!   This simple do it yourself Christmas ornament is the perfect gift for someone who recently got married and the best part is that you make it!   Everyone knows that some of the best gifts are handmade!

This ornament is made from the couples wedding invitation!  All you have to do is take their wedding invitation and cut it in to thin strips.  Curl it around a pencil so the paper strips form curls.  Then  put the strips of paper in to a glass ornament.

I love the idea of finding a charm that matches their colors, theme or maybe just their personality to tie on the top of the ornament.  Finish the ornament with some ribbon in their wedding colors and you have created a beautiful, memorable ornament for the happily married couple!

If you don’t know anyone that recently got married you can use this same idea and use a baby shower invitation or graduation inviation….with almost any occasion and an invitation you can create an incredible keepsake for them to hang on their tree for years to come.

If you decide to make this for someone you know we would love to hear about it!