Chevron Wedding Details

You may already know of my love for chevron anything (home decor, fashion and now weddings) from my previous blog about chevron cakes but I wanted to share how easily you can incorporate chevron details in to your wedding.  What I love most about the chevron pattern is how versatile it is.  It looks great at a casual affair or an elegant, formal wedding.

I hate to repeat myself, but I truly believe the best weddings don’t forget about the details.  Using splashes of the chevron pattern in the details will give a modern look to any color palette.

When using chevron details don’t be afraid to mix colors and patterns to compliment each other.  The texture of the different materials and patterns can make for an interesting and beautiful tablescape.

One of the easiest ways to use chevron for your tables is to add a chevron napkin or table runner!

Look how modern, yet simple these tables can look by just adding a chevron patterned table runner!

Wedding stationary is a great way to incorporate the chevron pattern. Chevron looks great on invitations, programs and place cards. You can also use the same stationary to decorate your guest favors.

Some grooms are even wearing chevron bow-ties, ties or pocket squares!

Brides are even joining in and wrapping their bridal bouquet in the same chevron pattern to match their groom!

What do you think about chevron wedding details?  Tell us what you think!

Happy Planning!

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It’s All in the Details: Wooden Wedding Signs!

One of my favorite new decor elements that brides all over are incorporating in to their weddings are wooden wedding signs!

I have always said that weddings that make the biggest impact don’t overlook the details.  Wooden wedding signs, although a small detail, are a great way to bring character and personality in to your wedding. I think they are the perfect compliment to a rustic, vintage or garden wedding.  The best part is that they are an easy DIY project that anyone can do!

There are so many ways to use wooden weddings signs in your wedding and I have listed some of my favorite ways you can use them at your wedding!

One way brides are using wooden signs is for directional signs.  If your wedding venue is spread out and you want to help guests know where things are located (i.e. ceremony, reception, etc.) you can make wooden signs that not only look great but are helpful as well. I love the idea of making something functional, like a directional sign, that could be quite boring in to something that enhances the wedding theme.

Another functional way to use wooden signs is for the menu!

You can also use a wooden sign during your ceremony.  How cute is this sign for the ringbearer (or your pooch) that says “Here Comes the Bride”?

Another way to incorporate a wooden sign is to use them on the back of your chairs during the reception!

If you want to add a pop of color in your decor, you can always paint the wooden sign a bright color.

And some of the best ways to make your wooden signs stand out is to come up with a cute, humorous saying to paint on it, like the sign below.

If you are using a wooden sign in a unique way, we would love to hear about it!

Happy Planning!

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All That Glitters is…Gold!

Metallics, especially gold, are one of the biggest trends in 2012 and I am completely in love with this trend!  If you want an elegant yet modern wedding, try pairing your wedding colors with gold.  So many colors look fabulous with gold and it instantly transforms a soft, neutral color palette in to a rich color story.

Gold is a not only a perfect accent to many different wedding colors but is best seen in the wedding details.  One of the first ways to give you guests a sneak peek in to your wedding is with your choice of invitation.  Gold letterpress invitations are a perfect choice when using gold!

Some bold brides are even choosing to wear gold wedding dresses.  Definitely not a for every bride but if you want to stand out, a gold dress will certainly do the trick!

If a gold wedding dress is a little too much for you, then try pairing your dress with gold shoes or accessories.

You can even carry a bouquet with gold accents!

Many brides are going all out and choosing a gold wedding cake.  At first I thought this might be a little over the top but I have to say I think it is so unique and interesting I just can’t help but love it!

Whether you choose a soft color palette like pink or choose a bold color like orange, gold is the perfect compliment!

Look how unbelievable gold looks with this chevron pattern (another 2012 trend)!?!

Tell us what you think about this 2012 metallic trend.  Like or dislike…we want to know!

Happy Planning!

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