DIY: Wedding Edible Arrangements

Welcome to the year of DIY weddings!  So many brides this year are having DIY weddings where almost everything at the wedding is handmade.  If you have the free time to make many of the details of the wedding, you can end up saving lots of money.  If you don’t have endless amounts of time, you may need to pick and choose which items you will make versus which items to buy.  One easy way to save money is to make your own table centerpieces for the reception. An easy, yet creative, DIY centerpiece involves using edible materials.  Here are some edible arrangements I can’t wait to hear your opinion on!

One of the most common edible arrangements involve using fruit. A simple bowl full of lemons, apples or pears can add some color to the tables at a fraction of the cost of fresh flowers.

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Who knew using grapes as a table centerpiece could look so beautiful paired with a few fresh flowers?

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Or consider using vegetables!  Use asparagus, string beans and artichokes as candle holders for a simple, elegant look.

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For a rustic wedding, I love the idea of using fresh herbs as table centerpieces!

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 If you are a baker at heart, you can make mini cakes, pies or cookies to use as table centerpieces!

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For a casual wedding you can even think about using candy!  Put colorful candy in glass jars or make candy or lollipop topiary’s!  I’m not sure about the candy centerpiece idea but for the right bride this might be the perfect idea!

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Are edible arrangements a “do” or a major “don’t”?  Would you have an edible arrangement at your reception?

Let us know!

Happy Planning!

Wedding Pinwheel Love

Have you ever thought about using pinwheels to decorate your wedding?  If you haven’t seen this growing trend you may be surprised to see how fun and whimsical pinwheels can look.  The best part about pinwheels is that you can make them yourself!  All you need is paper, scissors, thumb tacks and a glue gun..super easy!

Photo provided by Becca Blevins

 Plus, there are so many ways to use them throughout your event that these small inexpensive decor accents can make a big impact.  Here are some of my favorite ways to use pinwheels at your wedding!

You can use pinwheels to make a stunning and beautiful arch for your ceremony.  Just make different sized pinwheels and use different patterns of paper to create a unique ceremony arch.

Photo provided by Confetti Day Dreams

An easy way to line your ceremony aisle is to place pinwheels along the rows at the ceremony. Can’t get much easier than that!

Photo provided by Simply Peachy

If you really want to incorporate pinwheels think about having your bridesmaids carry pinwheels instead of flowers.  This would save a bundle and be a super unique element of your wedding.  You can also have the groomsmen wear pinwheel boutonnieres.

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For a bold look wear a pinwheel in your hair!  If that isn’t really your stye it is super cute on a flower girl!

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An easy way to decorate any table at your reception is to create a backdrop with pinwheels.  This has to be my favorite way to use pinwheels since it makes such a big impact in an inexpensive way.

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Pinwheels also work great for place cards and can double as a favor for guests to take home.

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Use pinwheels on your tables for a totally cute centerpiece.  Not only would this help save money, it is also a great way to go green!

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And don’t forget about your cake! How fun!

Photo provided by The Little Canopy

What do you think about using pinwheels at a wedding?  Whimsical and fun or cheesy?

Happy Planning!

Edible DIY Favors Your Guest Will Love

I am always on the hunt for creative favors!  Most brides want a cute favor their guests will enjoy but don’t want to bust the budget in order to give them something nice.  One of the best ways to give an inexpensive favor is to make it yourself.  You can make a unique favor at a fraction of the cost.  Like in years past, one of the most popular favors guests receive are edible.   Why not combine the two ideas and make a tasty homemade treat as your wedding favor that won’t break the bank?  I have listed five edible DIY favors that I think your guests will love.

Donuts make a yummy gift for your guests and will be a big favor trend in 2013!   If you decide to buy donuts it can get quite expensive so making them on your own is a great option.  For an easier way to cook the donuts look at buying donut trays to fill the batter and bake them instead of frying them.  Just add some icing and sprinkles to finish the look.  Or make donut holes and just sprinkle with powdered sugar.

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Another great DIY favor idea is to make your own jam or jelly.  Just put them in mini mason jars with some material and twine for a finished look. You can also make a cute label, tag or sign to let guests know they are homemade!

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If you have a family recipe you want to share with your guests you can give them a cute recipe card and also include a jar of homemade tomato sauce or BBQ sauce to go with the recipe.

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Infused sugar is another easy and beautiful choice for a wedding favor.  Choose different fruits or herbs to put inside the sugar and after time the sugar will taste like the fruit or herb.

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Do you have a favorite drink?  Mix together your favorite lemonade, sweet tea or other “spiked” drink your have made to share with your guests!

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I hope these ideas have helped you think of your own DIY edible favor for your wedding.

If you have any great DIY ideas you can share, we would love to hear about them!

Happy Planning!