Unique Bachelorette Party Ideas

Are you wanting something different for your bachelorette party?  If you said yes, you aren’t alone.  So many brides are foregoing the traditional dinner and bar hopping for a bachelorette party that better fits their personality.  When planning a bachelorette party you will want to keep the brides wishes in mind. Whether that is a wild night on the town or something more subdued, her opinion matters the most.   Here are a few unique bachelorette ideas that are sure to be lots of fun!

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Mini vacations are always a great way to celebrate a bride.  Look at going on a 3 day cruise if you are within driving distance to a local port.  They are usually fairly inexpensive plus all-inclusive.  It’s a great choice for a bachelorette party since you can enjoy the sun, shows and night clubs all in one place! If you are too far to drive to a cruise port, try a girls only camping trip enjoying hiking and bonfires with s’mores.

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Look at different classes offered in your area.  If the bride enjoys dancing try a belly dancing class.

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For an adventurous bride, look at trapeze lessons!  How fun would this be to learn from experts how to fly on the trapeze!?

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Even a yoga class can be a great way to relieve some stress and get in shape at the same time. Follow this up with a healthy lunch and a day of pampering!

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Sports can be a great way to bond as bridesmaids.   Look at training together to run a 5K or 10K race for a good cause!   If you aren’t much of a runner look at rock climbing or hang gliding as a group.

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Although this idea may not be for everyone it is one of my favorites!! Think about having a photography session with all your bridesmaids.  You can choose any theme you want, but I especially love these pin up girl pictures.  I think half of the fun would be getting ready!

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Which idea is your favorite?  Do you have a unique bachelorette party idea?

We want to know!

Happy Planning!

Jason and Ashley Engagement Photos

We are so excited to share one of our Glendalough Manor brides’ engagement photos!!  One of the most important parts of planning an engagement shoot is to make it personal. Choose a place that means something to you or a theme that represents your personalities. We love to hear our couples love stories and it makes it even better to see that love shown in their engagement photos.

Jason and Ashley met five years ago at work and after a few years both were transferred to Colorado.  Two years later Jason proposed to Ashley at the Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming.  After living in Colorado the couple has grown to love the outdoors and it felt like the perfect place to have their engagement photos.  Plus, Jason proposed in the mountains so Ashley said “it just felt right”.   Their engagement pictures were taken in Fort Collins, Colorado at the Colorado State University, at the park and up in the Rocky Mountain National Park.  The couple fell in love with the background of the expansive lawn and trees in the park and then finished their more “formal” pictures up in the mountains!

Ashley says her journey to find a venue wasn’t that hard.  She knew she wanted a venue close to their families in Georgia. Ashley had been to a wedding at Glendalough Manor almost six years ago and was extremely impressed and thought about Glendalough Manor as soon as she was engaged.  After visiting and seeing all the upgrades that have been done over the years she knew for sure it was the perfect place! Living so far away, she knew that planning a wedding wouldn’t be easy but Ashley says “Glendalough has made it just that easy! Having a vendor day arranged to book what I call, “the major pieces of the puzzle” has been so easy and stress free.  Plus,the staff is amazing and always willing to answer questions and accommodate my needs as much as possible.”  Ashley said she can’t wait to celebrate her wedding in such a beautiful and magical place in May of 2013!

Thank you to Blackbird-Photography for these beautiful engagement pictures!!

Themed Engagement Sessions: Hobbies

I know I just posted Themed Engagement Sessions: Movies but I found so many creative and fun ideas for engagement portraits I just couldn’t wait to share them with you!

If you don’t have a favorite movie, it may be easier to portray a favorite hobby.  Like I mentioned in my last post about engagement session themes (and any theme for that matter) as long as it fits your personalities your pictures will turn out great!  I have listed some of my favorite hobby’s that couples are using as the theme for their engagement pictures.

Sports like baseball and football are great for showing off your personalities and favorite interests. Check out how these brides used sports as the inspiration for their pictures.

Do you love camping together?  How cute are these camping pictures?!

If your man loves fishing why not use that as the theme for the engagement shoot? I think this bride-to-be looks so adorable with her dress and yellow rain boots!

If you both love water sports like surfing, use that as the inspiration for your engagement session!

Do you love reading books? You could have your photo shoot in a bookstore or coffee shop!

And lastly, I love this engagement shoot with the couple riding their bikes.

As you can see, there are so many different options you can choose from.  Just pick something you love to do together and plan your engagement session around that!

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