Thanksgiving Wedding Etiquette

Choosing to host a Thanksgiving wedding can be a tricky task!  After all, it is a major holiday and people take their holidays very seriously; especially Thanksgiving.  While it is still important that you and your fiance have the wedding that you dream of, you also have to be extra mindful of your guests when planning your wedding details.  Your family and friends are very excited to spend the day sharing in the union of your marriage but they are also forgoing their holiday plans to do so.

If you keep in mind some of these Thanksgiving wedding tips, your guests will appreciate the extra mile you went to make them feel at home away from their home on this holiday weekend!

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Be sure to send out save the dates well in advance so your guests can alter their holiday plans to share your day with you!

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 Consider estate tables for your guests seating rather than round or square tables.  This will give your dinner service a more of a feast/family style setting!

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It’s Thanksgiving so why not provide a feast for your guests?  A beautiful apple cider sangria signature drink, mini pies or a pie bar and of course…Turkey and Ham!  You can’t go wrong with these yummy delectables to remind you and your guests of the holidays!

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Take advantage of the world around you!  Save money by using beautiful, traditional Thanksgiving food to amp up your decor without running up the bill!  Pomegranate, cranberries, artichokes and of course pumpkins are all money saving tricks that you can find at your local market…AND it brings in color!

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Leave your guests with a lasting wedding favor by donating to a charity or helping the less fortunate in lieu of traditional wedding favors.  Especially during the holidays, it is a great way to give thanks for the blessings that you have that others may not.  Your guests will not mind at all if that bag of chocolate is absent!

Have a safe, warm and Happy Thanksgiving from our family to yours!

Mother of the Groom Roles and Responsibilites

Are you a Mother of the Groom that is not sure what your roles and responsibilities are?  Well, you are not alone. There are many other parents unsure how to tread these sometimes uncharted waters.  Recently at Glendalough Manor we met a Mother of the Bride that was discussing how her son was also getting married and planning a wedding at the same time as her daughter.  She was now acting as the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom.  She expressed how different the experience was on each side. As a Mother of the Bride you are involved in the entire process but as a Mother of the Groom the roles and responsibilities aren’t as clear.

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Below we have listed guidelines on the roles and responsibilities you should adopt as a Mother of the Groom.

-Custom dictates that the parents of the groom contact the parents of the bride to set up a dinner to talk and celebrate the engagement with the couple.  If you live in different states this may not be as easy but a simple phone call can make all the difference.

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-You will also need to set up a time to talk with your son and his fiance about financial responsibilities. Although there is no hard rule, traditionally the parents of the groom are responsible for:

the rehearsal dinner
the groom’s tux
the bride’s bouquet and boutonnieres for the groomsmen
transportation to and from the ceremony/reception
Ceremony Officiant

-Create a list of guests from the groom’s side to submit to the bride.  Remember to stick to the allotted number you are allowed to invite even if this may be difficult.  If you are having difficulties make sure to talk openly with your son and bride-to-be to find a way to come to an agreement. This may mean paying for the additional guests you would like to invite.

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-Offer to help!  In some cases, the bride may need help with researching wedding vendors.  More commonly the craft projects, seating assignments, out of town guest arrangements and any other tedious work leading up to the wedding can be the most stressful and a helping hand is always appreciated.

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-Recommend songs for the mother/son dance for the reception.

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-Ask the bride to accompany you or give suggestions on what to wear for your Mother of the Groom dress.  It is also nice to discuss your thoughts with the Mother of the Bride to see what she will be wearing.

-Plan and Host the rehearsal dinner (the groom’s family traditionally pays for this event); make sure to involve bride and groom in major decisions. For example, location and food selections to ensure they are okay with your choices.

We hope this list has helped and given you guidance on the best practices as a Mother of the Groom.

Remember, this is not your wedding and some decisions will be made you may not agree with. Find a way to work through any disagreements with your son and bride-to-be.  This process should be a fun and exciting experience for both sides of the family so enjoy it and let some things go.  Having a great relationship with your son and future daughter in law are what will be the most important thing in the end.

Happy Planning!


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