Ways to Make Your Wedding Unique!!

I think every bride is looking for ways to make their wedding day as special and unique as possible. After seeing many weddings I have come to think the best way any bride can do this is by taking a look at her and her fiancés interests and incorporate it in to the wedding.  I have given some examples below how real brides make their day unique …

Table Numbers:   One of the many ways to make your wedding unique is by naming your tables instead of numbering them. It can be of all the places you have been together or maybe cities you want to visit.  My favorite was a bride and grooms that are hockey players and named all of their tables off of their favorite players….the guests understood the table names right away and loved that they brought hockey (which they both loved) to the wedding.  I also had a teacher use small chalkboards at each table with numbers written in chalk. Super cute!

Place cards or place card table: Oh! I love place card tables…yes… I know they are a pain, but if you think about it the place card table is one of the first things your guest will see as they enter your reception.  Anything goes with the place card tables!  I have had brides that love to read give out bookmarks as the place card and decorated the table with their favorite books.  I also had a bride with a wine theme use corks to hold up the place cards.

Favors:  Anything edible always is always great for your guests.  I love candy or sweets stations that incorporate all of the bride and grooms favorite themes.   I have a bride and groom that play softball and baseball having a “baseball” themed candy buffet….peanuts, cracker jacks, sunflower seeds you name it they are having it on their candy buffet.  

I hope all of these examples have helped jump start your creative ideas…….Happy Planning!

Charity Donations as Wedding Favors

In lieu of favors, Jennifer and Brad have made a donation to (insert Charity or Organization).

There are so many charities and non-profit organizations to choose from.

Maybe it’s a local cause or organization

You can do something like this instead of just a postcard…

I hope you were inspired to give back!

Do your guests really want a mouse pad with YOUR initials on it?

How many weddings have you been to and received a really lame wedding favor?

Instead of the traditional take home favors, try something unique and new…

  • Print a charitable donation favor card for each place setting. Make cards explain that in lieu of favors, you and your benevolent hubby have donated to a local/international charity.

  • Send home a small pine tree seedling wrapped in a burlap sack (tagged with instructions). Your guests will never forget You and the Mr!
  • Candy buffets are so popular right now…. Instead, double the favor as the place card. Create a label with each name and craft-ily wrap the personalized bag of candy!

  • Orrr if you are in to yummy treats besides candy goodness.. look into these delicious Gourmet Brownie Favors and get the ribbons in your wedding color
  • If you and the hubby-to-be are the more “organic” couple, try these take home favors for your guests to relax after the reception

  • Lastly, if you and your wedding party are more the “party bunch”, make a “Hangover Kit”…. especially for those who will still be partying after your departure