Josh and Annalisa’s Romanian Wedding!

A usual hot and humid June Sunday in Georgia and the threat for rain was imminent at ninety percent that whole day.  Annalisa, understandably beside discouraged over the weather after planning for over a year to have her ceremony in the beautiful gardens at Glendalough Manor!  Luckily for her, a surprising turn of events in the weather came over Tyrone and it turned out to be a beautiful, no, gorgeous sunny day.  The trade off on the heat in lieu of the rain was tolerated and well worth it.

Among my days working at Glendalough, I have witnessed a number of different cultural weddings.  I have to say, that Romanian weddings are among my favorite!  It’s ALL ABOUT THE CEREMONY!  Family and food are also at the top of the chain when it comes to importance.   We hope you enjoy these lovely pictures by Southern Portrait and Video of Josh and Annalisa’s beautiful Romanian wedding at Glendalough!








Seeing her Daddy for the first time!



First look!



It’s all family!











During the HOUR long ceremony, the bride and groom as well as the bridal party takes their seats!












 Happy Planning!

The Top 5 Wedding Etiquette Mistakes!

Wedding etiquette and traditions vary widely across the world for different reasons.  I will be the first to point out that traditions and etiquette have been broken over the past few decades.  However, I am a firm believer in tradition as many of our etiquette guidelines were established for a reason.  Weather it be to honor a culture or simply make a seemingly stressful day one that everyone can enjoy.  So, what are the most influential mistakes that both the bride/groom and their guests make?  Well, I am here to tell you the top five mistakes made!  Take note.

First:  Bringing the wedding gift to the wedding.  It is actually customary to mail the wedding gift prior to the wedding day (guest mistake).  This not only allows the bride and groom to unpack and address thank you cards before the big day, it also alleviates lugging all those wedding gifts home with a family member at the end of the night.

Photo Provided by: Southern Bliss Photo

Second:  Not sending a thank you note for ANY gift you received for your wedding.  This is a BIG no – no!  Believe me, as much as I could care less if my friend sends me a thank you note, there are those that take it very seriously (especially older family members).  Kidding aside, this is probably one of the rudest mistakes that you can make.  While they love you very much, all of your guests took time and money out of their life to witness your wedding day and a simple thank you for coming and for the gift is the least you can do.


Third:  Not offering enough food at your wedding!  I know, I know, weddings are expensive these days and you want to have enough money to buy that beautiful dress, flowers, cake, ect…  However, be warned that if you chose to skimp on your wedding fare, it will NOT go unnoticed.  I am guilty of this even after over 15 years in the wedding industry, I still get disappointed when I come hungry to a wedding and there is not a sufficient amount of food.  Point is, don’t leave your guests hungry!


Fourth:  Being late to the ceremony!!  You can go ahead and put this at the top of your list on things NOT to do at a wedding.  Being late is perhaps the most over looked expectation at a wedding.  The couple has spent A LOT of money on their big day and there are many factors that are affected when things don’t run in a timely manner; i.e. dinner could be delayed and not fresh, they may have only paid for a certain amount of time in the ceremony space, the whether could be sketchy, ect…  So, do everyone a favor and arrive at least 15-30 minutes prior to the ceremony start time.  This also ensures that you will get a good seat and not walking in the same time the bride is!


Lastly:  Not R.S.V.Ping to the wedding!  Guys…this is everything!  Since it is customary at most weddings to provide each guests with an escort card, sending in your RSVP is very important.  Bottom line, if you don’t RSVP, you will not have a seat in the reception.  Which means that you are not accounted for in the food and beverage count either.  There is nothing more embarrassing that not having a seat and the staff having to scramble to find you a seat and possibly collecting more money from the bride and groom on wedding day.  Save everyone the trouble and put the already self-addressed envelope back in the mail!

DIY Photo Backdrop!

Photo booths, move over!  The days of hiring pricy photo booths are over.  Instead, brides and grooms are opting to create a DIY, customized photo backdrop instead.  I know, DIY can be scary for some that aren’t crafty but it is super easy to accomplish!  Also, chances are you have a crafty bridesmaid or two that can help!

Check out these easy ways below.

I am a huge fan of using wallpaper for a big impact without breaking the bank.

Photo Provided by Love Wed Bliss

This look can be accomplished by visiting ETSY and finding a suitable wallpaper sheet.  Some inexpensive frames at Hobby Lobby and some piping.  I love the personal touch of adding family wedding photos!


Accomplish this look by going to home depot and getting some drywall sheets and paint them with some inexpensive chalk board paint.  Get a chalk marker from Hobby Lobby and your done!

Photo Provided by Angie Diaz Photography
Photo Provided by Melody Melikian Photography.

These are faux flowers that you can purchase on ETSY or Hobby Lobby.  Of course you can opt for fresh flowers for a little extra cash!

Happy Planning!