For my Fall Brides…

Hello Autumn¬†ladies, this is your time of year… Breakin’ out the soft berets, the snuggly sweaters, and the super cute tall boots. Love it..

Hence, why you chose the Fall for your wedding!

Trust me, I feel ya… This chilly brisk air makes for a beauuu-tiful wedding scene here at Glendalough Manor, esp. with the garden’s leaves changing colors and all ūüôā

[Not to mention, my final countdown is HERE>>>> 15 days! ahhhhh!]

The question is… what color scheme to chose? ¬†Too many to choose from, that is for sure!

Try this one: Golds  and antique silvers, yummy touches of chocolate browns, with pops of greens and purples:


Peacock Color Scheme

Hot color schemes this year are all about contrast and complements. You will see Yellow/Black/Grey schemes everywhere along with bold and sassy Jewel tones.. And then there is the super trendy Peacock color palette: Emerald greens, Sky, sapphire, and royal blues, silky purples, and greys and blacks to pull it all together…

Take a look at this Peacock inspiration board I designed! Complete with everything you will want/need for your special day:)

Emerald green one shoulder dress:

Silk Purple Badgley Mischka dress:

Banana Republic Gold Necklace:

Steve Madden Grey Suede Pumps:|womens shoes|womens dress|all dress|


Hello anemone… You are my new favorite flower:)


Check out these be-auu-tiful, retro flowers that look amazing when¬†used for a dramatic color¬†scheme (–>think pink & black or yellow & black weddings).¬†

They¬†are the wedding industry’s newest love and are slowly rising for those trendy brides.

Actually, Anemone means “wind” in the Greek language. And it¬†is¬†known as the “Wind Flower” because they thought the wind caused it to bloom. How cute is that??