Help! What do I give my bridesmaids?!


So you want to do something creative for your girls? Well for those of you who don’t know me…I LOVE CRAFTS! So if you’ve got a little extra time you could make something really unique for your gal pals!

Instead of doing the same ‘ol necklace/earring combo, try this MWL (Made With Love) gift from the heart!


One of my favorite gift ideas for bridesmaids is a clutch purse you picked out just for them!

Okay you’ll love this one! My new favorite site is Etsy! Get on there and find something handmade that is beautiful! Unique earrings, a vintage hair accessory like these clips, or even a new pair of shoes!

So whether you make them something or buy them something, just be sure it’s personal!

Those are always the best gifts!

‘Do It Yourself’ place card/Escort card displays and ideas!

I had a bride ask for some ideas on place cards/escort cards. These are some of my favorites! I want to challenge you to get creative! It’s your wedding! Don’t just go through the motions with this. Make it yours!

Gosh how easy is that! You can get a giant hole punch from your local craft store, use double sided tape or fabric glue to glue a small piece of fabric to a card, then place the other piece on top. Write or print your guests’ names and now you’ve got a beautiful display!

Here’s another easy way to make your placecards/escort cards unique and fun!

Look how cute!!! Simple printing and then these were clothes pinned to maroon colored ribbon on a memory board. SO EASY!

And I absolutely LOVE this idea. It’s so fresh! The cards look really unique. And all they did was use a bigger font on the first letters. Simple!

Totally fun idea! Put a background or print on your place cards! Look at these polka-dot ones! I LOVE POLKA-DOTS!

Got a beach theme? Look at what this bride did with sand dollars…smart!

Maybe you have a rustic or country elegance theme. This couple just got some fallen pine limbs, cut the limbs, and printed round cards to put on top! What a great DIY (do it yourself) project for the groom to help with!

Okay just one more…this one is for my vintage theme weddings. These place cards look like something out of a Jane Austin novel. It looks complicated but with the help of some hole punches and funky scissors, you can really make something special!

Okay just kidding! I forgot I found one more super cute idea! This one is for my organic brides or green brides. These are little pieces of bamboo with a slit put in the top to hold the card. Make sure to use recycled paper!

I hope you enjoyed these cute ideas! Let me know what you think or if you’ve got something creative up your sleeve! I’d love to know!

Happy Crafting!

Girls get $mart with your money!!

“But, I have to get married on a Saturday!”

Don't worry!

Girl, do some Yoga and get flexible with your date. Most facilities have lower rates for Fridays and Sundays! Glendalough Manor’s rates are $1000 LESS on Fridays and Sundays.

Let’s look at the pros and cons…


Save some money for the honeymoon         

You can still have an evening event                                                                                       

Get an earlier start on honeymoon (Friday wedding)

Avoid the weekend flights, fly on Monday (Sunday wedding)

Oh yeah and you save money!!!


Some of your guests might not be able to make it.

(they will make it if they want to party!)

Don’t be afraid to get flexible with your date. It might pay-off big!!!