Oh yeah, I’m backkkkk! And married!

Have you ever thought throughout your whole life, “I have never had the best day of my life”?? Maybe I’m weird, because I have.

On November 6th, 2010, it happened ūüôā
I finally married my hubby here in the beautiful, lush, Fall-colored gardens of Glendalough Manor!

(It almost wasn’t in the gardens though….f-f-f-f-freezzingg weather that day>> I never knew the diffference! ha!)

Life now>>¬†everyone always asks the question afterward: “How does it feel to be married??” or “How is married life??”

¬†IT”S¬†FABULOUS!!! But truth be told¬†… I kinda liked being a Bride ūüôĀ haha

And Stephanie Hamlet Photography¬†captured every moment of it… Her work=Awesome<3



Hello, my fellow brides!

This is THE week….¬† It’s hard to believe, really!

Here at Glendalough Manor, I am used to helping our beautiful brides have the BEST day of their lives.

In just three short days, I (Yes, I) will be that Bride!


Now, if only the weather will cooperate for my Outdoor garden wedding : High 57* Low 27* 

¬† (yes, you read that right…)

But at this point, I just want to get married to my honey<3

Now, for the nitty gritty… I have so much to do its embarrassing, esp since I work in the business!!! ahhhh! It will all work out.
And Why’s that?

~~I know my girls at Glendalough will take care of me~~

Wicklow Wonders:)

Somthing crazy has happened here at Glendalough Manor!  The Wicklow, one of our two AMAZING ballrooms, has recently been expanded to 6,000+ sq ft!  Crazy right?

 The renovation not only added over 3,000 sq ft, but also a custom hardwood dance floor, a covered outdoor awning overlooking the gardens, indoor ceremony area, and a hide-away buffet area.

Want to invite everyone you (or your Mom) know from college/highschool/gym class? No biggie, miss piggie! hahakidding:) But yeah, the Wicklow can seat up to 450+ guests….Which means your entire huge family from..wherever!, can be there for your big day.

We also included three 52 inch LCD flat screens connected to our high-tech AV system; no one will miss your man stealing kisses or Grandma doing the cha-cha slide:-P