How Much Does the Average Wedding Cost?

Creating a budget is probably the hardest thing you will do during your wedding planning and sticking with that budget can be even harder.  Being realistic with your numbers and more importantly your expectations of what that amount will get you is extremely important.

I found this information on and just had to share with you!  According to, on average couples are spending $28,427 for a wedding excluding a honeymoon. So many people have no idea that a wedding on average costs this amount so this can be a great tool for you to use when creating a budget (especially when other family is involved in helping to pay for the wedding).

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As I looked over these amounts I did see some areas that you could save some money. This looked like a wedding budget for approximately 200 guests.  Of course the more people you invite the more the wedding costs will be and a great way to save money is to narrow down the guest list.

If cutting your guest list is not an option for you try only using a DJ instead of a band.  This can save almost $3,000. Or have a friend video the ceremony or reception to save about $1600.

My biggest piece of advice when creating a budget is to ask yourself what are the three most important things to you in your wedding.  Once you have determined what those things are then create your budget with the focus on those three items and find ways to save in other areas.

At Glendalough Manor we offer a Cost Calculator tool that is helpful in determining a budget customized for you!  Try it and see if your budget is the same as the national average!

We would love to get your thoughts on the national average cost?  Do you think it is accurate?  Do you think it could be helpful to you in determining your own budget?

We want to know your thoughts!!

2013 Wedding Trend: Laser Cut

A new trend showing up at weddings this year are laser cut designs. Laser cut is an intricately cut out pattern resembling either lace or a geometric design.  You will see laser cut designs in everything from wedding stationary to wedding gowns.  These laser cut designs work perfectly for almost any wedding and especially work well for rustic or vintage weddings.

Photo provided by St. George Weddings

Laser cut designs in weddings started with the popularity of laser cut invitations.  A laser is used to cut these invitations in to intricate designs and some are placed over a colored card stock giving it a modern yet vintage look.  Laser cut stationary is becoming very popular and being seen in all types of wedding stationary from banners, signs, save the date cards and place cards.

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Designers are now using this laser cut design as inspiration for wedding gowns!

Photo provided by A Cast of Two

You can’t forget about the accessories! Laser cut jewelry and shoes are also showing up with the laser cut design.

Photo provided by Shoerazzi
Photo provided by Minter and Richter Designs

Cupcakes liners and cakes are another way to pull in the laser cut design.

Photo provided by Occasions Online
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As you can see there are many ways you can incorporate laser cut designs in to the details of your wedding.  You can find laser cut boxes for favors or laser cut runners for the tables.  You can even use luminary bags with a laser cut design as centerpieces!

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Tell us if you love or hate these laser cut designs!

Happy Planning!

This Just In!! Pantone Color of the Year is….Emerald Green!

Pantone announces every year a color that will rule the fashion and design world for the upcoming year.  For 2013, that color is Emerald Green.

Photo provided by Mamas Rolling Stone

I’m not sure about you, but I am thrilled!  Emerald Green is a rich luxurious color far different from the 2012 color of the year, Tangerine Tango.  Tangerine Tango was a red/orange that, in my opinion, was more difficult for all skin types to wear.  Plus it was more difficult to find colors that paired well with Tangerine Tango.  Pantone has chosen a deeper yet softer color palette for Spring 2013.  In my opinion, there are not many skin types that emerald green does not look good on.  Bridesmaids will look elegant in emerald next year.

Photo provided by Ever So Lovely
Photo provided by Brides Bridsmaids and Blooms

Another reason I love emerald green is that it looks great paired with so many different colors.  If you are considering using Emerald Green, try pairing it with pink, purple, navy, black or gold.  Any of these colors go perfectly with the new color of the year.

Photo provided by Orange Blossom Special Events
Photo provided by My Wedding

You will start to see Emerald Green in lots of places for 2013, including accessories.  Of course emerald green reminds me of jewelry which will definitely be a a great accessory for a wedding gown or bridesmaids.

Photo provided by Society Bride

Also, makeup and other accessories like shoes and handbags will be great ways to wear a little emerald green on your wedding day.

Photo provided by The Frisky

 Or if you are attending a wedding next year, try wearing the color of the year to the wedding.  Love this emerald green dress paired with gold accessories!

Photo provided by Dress For the Wedding


What do you think about the Pantone Color of the Year, Emerald Green?

We want to know!