Bright Patterned Wedding Cakes

Say goodbye to plain white wedding cakes and say hello to brightly colored and patterned cakes!  This year brides are including their cake in their color scheme and theme. When designing your wedding cake consider your wedding colors and look at incorporating your color scheme in to the cake.  You can choose to make the entire cake one of the wedding colors or just accent the cake with color.

Photo provided by Purple Cake Co

Patterns are a huge trend this year and brides are even using patterns like dots,stripes or even a chevron pattern on their wedding cake.

Photo provided by Weddingomania
Photo provided by Flower and Flour

Some cakes have patterns all over the cake in a more muted color and then accented with pops of bright color!

Photo provided by Rent My Dust

I love the idea of these cakes that look like a silver sparkle all over the cake with stripes in different colors.  So creative and modern looking!

Photo provided by Bklyn Bride Online

For a bold look, try a cake covered in brightly colored hearts.  Perfect for those brides that are having a rainbow wedding!

Photo provided by Brides

Some of my favorite brightly colored cakes are hand painted.  They look like edible works of art!

Photo provided by The White Dress Co

Are you have a brightly patterned wedding cake?  Tell us about it!!

Happy Planning!

Custom Wedding Cake Toppers

If you haven’t seen some of these amazing and sometimes hilarious cake toppers then you are missing out!  Cake toppers are back on trend this year with some of the most creative designs I have ever seen.   You can now get cake toppers that resemble you and your fiances likeness and even personality.   In most cases you send them a few head shots of your faces or answer a few questions about your appearance and a custom cake topper can be made for you.  Check out some of these creative custom wedding cake toppers!

One of the most hilarious cake toppers I have seen are custom made bobble heads!  Guests are sure to get a kick out of seeing these on the top of your cake!

Photo provided by Custom Bobble

For an even more creative cake topper, look at these custom Pez dispensers.  I can’t tell if this is cute or a little creepy!

Photo provided by I Do Cake Toppers

My favorite custom cake toppers are made out of clay.  How cute one is the topper that resembles the Disney movie “Up”?

Photo provided by Kaboodle
Photo provided by Etsy

Wood figurines are becoming a very popular choice for wedding toppers this year and these customized wooden cake toppers are so cute!

Photo provided by First Wedd
Photo provided by Flickr

You can even choose a customized cake topper made out of metal! How original!?

Photo provided by Design Anything 3D

Which cake topper is your favorite?  Would you have a customized cake topper on your cake?

Happy Planning!

Cake Trends 2013: “Naked” Cakes

A “naked” wedding cake is one of the newest trends for 2013! Basically these cakes have icing between each layer but the outside of the cake is not iced.  This gives a more rustic and natural look to the entire cake.  Usually these cakes are decorated with fruit but sometimes are decorated with flowers.  If you aren’t a fan of cakes with lots of icing this might be the perfect cake for you.

Photo provided by Want That Wedding

 Choosing thin or thick tiers,  round or square tiers, and the amount of icing between each tier can dramatically change the look of the cake.

Photo provided by Delightfully Designed Weddings
Photo provided by Music by Design

The cake below used chocolate tiers on the bottom of the cake with traditional white tiers on the top!

Photo provided by Sweet Violet Bride

 Using different flavors of cake will change the color of the outside of the cake. This gives a more modern take on this “naked” cake trend!

Photo provided by Spoony Cakes
Photo provided by Food24

My favorite type of “naked” cake is this ombre cake!  How chic and modern?  You can even make small personal ombre cakes for each guest! Love!

Photo provided by Koru Wedding

Of course we want to know your thoughts on this “naked” cake trend!

Leave us your comments if you would have a “naked” cake at your wedding!

Happy Planning!