Fun Food Stations!

Who isn’t tired of eating the same baked chicken, green beans and mashed potatoes at every wedding? I know I am!!  I recently attended a wedding reception where the bride offered themed food stations for dinner.  I have to say it was one of the most fun and interesting wedding dinners I had ever had that I couldn’t help but share some of these ideas with you!

You may not like the idea of only offering food stations at your wedding but I think even if you decide on a buffet dinner you can always add one or two of these stations to your menu to make it a little more interesting. Or some of these stations would work great as a late night snack after a long night of dancing!

One station that would be a great addition to any buffet menu is the Mashed Potatoes Station!   Guests are offered whipped mashed potatoes with an assortment of toppings to choose from including cheese, broccoli, gravy, bacon and much more.  The best part is they are served in these martini glasses which look so yummy once prepared!

A new station I love is a burger and fry station!  How cute are these mini sliders?  Guests can choose if they want a beef or veggie patty and add their own condiments including choice of cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomato.  Add some hot dogs by this slider station and some fries and onion rings you have an all-American themed station that guests won’t be able to get enough of!

If you are having a more casual wedding, I like the idea of a grilled cheese or panini station.  Serve with some tomato soup and you have yummy meal all at one station. Grilled cheese sandwiches and panini’s are also great for a late night snack!

If you want an Italian themed station you can choose to have a chef attended pasta station where guests can choose the type of pasta, sauce and toppings and it is cooked in front of them.  Or you can have an assortment of pizzas! Yum!

And to wash it all down you can have a fun themed drink station!

Make sure to check out tomorrow’s blog on delicious dessert stations!! Trust me they will make your mouth water!


Aloha! Hawaiian Themed Wedding

If you are newly engaged you may not know where to start your wedding planning!  Planning a wedding can be very overwhleming process, escpecially when trying to decide what type of wedding you want to have!  No need to worry….you don’t have to have a wedding theme but coming up with a clear direction of your wedding is key.

First decide on a color palette or combination you love.  This may naturally send you in a direction of a theme you want to go in.  If you choose earthy tones and want an outdoor wedding a garden theme might be perfect for you.  Or if you love the look of muted colors, birdcages and lace, a vintage wedding theme may be perfect for you.  Whatever you decide make sure it is a good example of you…as long as it fits you and your fiance the more people will love your “theme”.

Below is an insiration board of a hawaiian themed wedding since the couple loved Hawaii and went there on their honeymoon.  After choosing her wedding colors the theme came naturally.  Over the next few weeks I will try to give you some expamples of different wedding themes and color palettes.  I hope this helps you in picking your wedding “theme”.

Happy Planning!!



50’s Inspired Wedding

If you are having a 50’s inspired wedding or love vintage weddings then you have to take a look at this inspiration board!

Jillian and Scott Mason knew they wanted an outside wedding and that’s one of the reasons the couple chose Glendalough Manor.  They knew it would be the perfect backdrop for their 50’s themed wedding.   Jillian wore a 50’s inspired gown from Etain Bridal Boutique and a birdcage veil.  I thought the best part about her bridal attire was her white gloves. Perfect for her theme!  The bride carried a bouquet of dark red callalilys and roses accented with white feathers. The bridesmaids wore black wiggle dresses and completed their look with red flowers in their hair.  The groomsmen wore black traditional tuxes with red bowties and dark red calla lilys accented their tuxes.

The bride told me she dreamed of having a vintage car at her wedding and was so happy she was able to have one their for photographs.  I thought the bride and groom next to the car was some of the best pictures!

The couple chose black and gold lace linens for the reception with black satin napkins.  The table centerpeices were candelabras and vintage bird cages both adorned with red roses.  They also used the aisle arrangements again as centerepices….a great way to save money on flowers!

Jillian and Scott said it was a perfect day and they wished they could do it all over again!

If you are having a 50’s inspired wedding or a themed wedding we would love to hear about it!

Happy Planning!

Sources:,, All photography by Stephanie Hamlet Photography