Wedding Trend 2013: Bows are Back!

For all of us ultra girly brides I can happily say bows are back!!! So don’t be afraid if you love bows, show it!

You may have already noticed when trying on bridal gowns that bows are adorning many of the bridal gowns.  Sashes are now being tied in a large bow in the front or the back of the dress. It seems the larger the bow, the better!

Photo provided by Classic Bride
Photo provided by Knot For Life
Photo provided by Wedding

If you love bows but your dress doesn’t have any, no need to fret.  Take a look at this adorable bow attached to this short veil! So cute!

Photo provided by Lea-AnnBelter

Of course there are many different accessories to choose from that you can wear that have bows.  Try looking at bow shaped earrings or what about these amazing shoes with bow accents!

Photo provided by Elegala

A look that is for the die hard bow lover is to wear your hair in a bow…..not sure if I love this for a wedding but truly matches the bow theme!

Photo provided by Hair Stylesar

I love when cakes match the brides gown so you can also have a bow on your cake!

Photo provided by One Wed

Lastly, you can’t forget about the details of the reception to tie the bow theme together.  You can always tie sashes on your chairs in a bow.  Here is a modern way of tying a bow to a chair.

Photo provided by Pinterest

My favorite bow idea is to tie the napkins in bows.  Simple yet beautiful!

Photo provided by Belle The Magazine

What do you think about bows?  Are you glad to see them back or can’t wait until they go?  We want to know!!

Summer Wedding Colors: Yellow!

Yellow is the new favorite color for summer weddings.  Yellow is such a happy color and what couldn’t be a more happy occasion than a wedding?  Yellow is great by itself but also a wonderful complimentary color.  Pair it with almost any other color in the color spectrum and you have the perfect wedding colors  for summer.  I have listed some of the hottest color combinations that include yellow for summer 2012.

Yellow and teal is one of the newest pairings and it so surprisingly beautiful together.  It reminds me of a nautical themed wedding but with a new modern twist by using teal instead of navy.

Another beautiful color combination is yellow and gray.  Using gray and yellow as your wedding colors gives off a modern and sophisticated feel. Many brides only want to use yellow for an afternoon wedding but pairing it with gray is a perfect color pairing for an evening wedding as well as an afternoon wedding.

If you like yellow and gray for an evening wedding, you may love yellow and black.   Done correctly black at a wedding will always give a formal feel but pairing it with yellow softens the black and gives it a lighter summer feel.  If you decide to use yellow and black I would suggest pairing it with a patterned black damask or print to give it some texture and depth.

I can not forget to include yellow and green. This is such a classic pairing and is a beautiful match for an outside wedding.  Using yellow and green will give off a very organic and earthy feel to the event. Using fruit like lemons and limes to decorate your guest tables is also a great way to save a little money on centerpieces…especially if you create the centerpieces yourself!

I hope you have like all the yellow inspired weddings!  Are you having a yellow wedding?  We would love to hear what you think of these color combinations!

Happy Planning!


Flowergirl Accessories!

Everyone looks forward to seeing the flower girl walk down the aisle during the wedding ceremony….not only because they know she walks down right before the bride but also because flower girls are so darn cute! There are so many great accessories for flower girls that will make your flower girl unique and even cuter….if that’s possible!

I love hair accessories; especially for flowergirls!   One of my favorite hair accessories is a floral halo to wear in her hair which gives a beautiful soft angelic look.  If your flower girl is young she may not wear a halo on her head so be prepared with a headband or single flower for her hair in case she wants to pull it off.

A trend I am totally loving right now is for flowergirls to wear a tutu for the wedding.  Adorable!

  In a traditional ceremony, the flower girls carry a basket of petals and drop the petals down before the bride walks down.  If you want something a little different or may have a young flower girl that will probably forget to drop the petals, there are some fun alternatives for them to carry.  These are also great alternatives if you are getting married in a church or a home that does not allow you to drop fresh petals down the aisle.

Pomander Balls are the new flower girl basket with a twist!  They are also easy to make yourself.  They can be made out of so many different materials including many types of flowers like orchids and carnations as well as paper and pinecones!  Just a note…don’t be fooled by the size of the pomander ball….it does take quite a few flowers and materials to make one pomander ball!

Some other great accessories flower girls can carry are floral purses, mini bouquets and even wands!

If you decide to have kids in your wedding ceremony you have to know they can be a little unpredictable but no matter what happens guests will love oooo’ing and aahhh’ing over them.  

What do you think about these flower girl accessories?  Let us know your thoughts!