Aloha! Hawaiian Themed Wedding

If you are newly engaged you may not know where to start your wedding planning!  Planning a wedding can be very overwhleming process, escpecially when trying to decide what type of wedding you want to have!  No need to worry….you don’t have to have a wedding theme but coming up with a clear direction of your wedding is key.

First decide on a color palette or combination you love.  This may naturally send you in a direction of a theme you want to go in.  If you choose earthy tones and want an outdoor wedding a garden theme might be perfect for you.  Or if you love the look of muted colors, birdcages and lace, a vintage wedding theme may be perfect for you.  Whatever you decide make sure it is a good example of you…as long as it fits you and your fiance the more people will love your “theme”.

Below is an insiration board of a hawaiian themed wedding since the couple loved Hawaii and went there on their honeymoon.  After choosing her wedding colors the theme came naturally.  Over the next few weeks I will try to give you some expamples of different wedding themes and color palettes.  I hope this helps you in picking your wedding “theme”.

Happy Planning!!



Sparkly Wedding Shoes

What bride doesn’t like to wear a little more bling than normal on her wedding day? Well, why not have a little extra sparkle on your wedding shoes?!

Designers everywhere are creating sparkly pumps that are perfect for bridal shoes.  Depending on your budget (and how high you want your heel) you can find the perfect sparkly shoes in almost any budget!  Especially if your dress is more simple and understated, sparkly pumps will give you that extra pop you may need. Plus, wearing sparkly shoes will make some of the best pictures!

I have listed below some of my favorite sparkly heels in a variety of price ranges. 

Nine West:

 Steve Madden:

Jessica Simpson:

Kate Spade:

Jimmy Choo:

Christian Louboutin:

These shoes might be a splurge for sure but they were so pretty I couldn’t resist adding them in the list!

If you like the idea of sparkly shoes but don’t really want a high heeled wedding shoe you can always find a sparkly flat that will give your the same look…with more comfort!


What do you think about the newest sparkly shoe trend?  Would you wear them on your wedding day?

 Leave us your thoughts!


Lantern Release for Wedding Farewell!

 I think every bride and groom hope for a memorable departure from their reception.  Most couples opt for a traditional farewell of bubbles, rose petals or even sparklers but this past October a Glendalough Manor couple had a unique and fun way for guests to say their farewells and I just had to share this idea with you!

Lauren and Adam Matthews released lanterns right before they left the reception and not only did Stephanie Hamlet capture some beautiful photographs of the lantern release but it was also a very memorable moment for the bride and groom and all of their guests. The bride said it was “one of her favorite parts of the wedding”.

I found some eco friendly lanterns on that are 100% biodegradable.  They are non-flammable and easy for your guests to use.  They will fly for about 12 minutes and go up about a mile high in the sky and the white lanterns are a stunning display when released by all of your guests at the same time. 

An idea I absolutely love is to have your guests write a “wish” for you and your groom on the lantern itself and on the personalized tags.  The tags can be kept as a keepsake from the wedding!

Hope you like this ideas as much as I did! Happy Planning!