Don’t “Fall” For Ordinary!

Labor Day festivities are over and Fall is definitely in the air!  It’s not too late to add a few unexpected details to your fall wedding that will give your guests the chills.  Time and time again, we see wedding themes taken so literal that they become cheesy.  I am a big fan of pulling from inspiration rather than sticking to a theme and worrying so much about staying within a certain box.

I invite you to open your minds and expand your Pinterest searches!


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 Happy Planning!

Autumn Inspiration For 2013

Fall is my favorite time of year and the perfect setting to get married in!  The beautiful, vibrant colors in the trees and the changing weather are all just reminders that the holidays are around the corner.  This gives off a different vibe than say a Spring or Summer wedding as you and your guests seem to be in a better spirit; one where being with friends and family is extra special.  Autumn weddings are not everyone’s cup of tea but for those that choose a fall wedding date, playing with the theme and colors is a ton of fun!

These are just a few ideas on how to pull off the perfect Autumn wedding.  Every detail counts and your guests will notice the personal touches that you spent the extra time on that will not only make your guests comfortable but make your wedding day one they will remember forever!

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 This stunning bouquet captures the true essence of Fall!  Succulents, Ranunculus, Dahlias just to name a few…

Berries and fruit are a great way to incorporate fall into the little details.  They also save you a ton of money as a flower alternative!

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 What a fun and whimsical way to incorporate pumpkins without it being through the typical colors! 

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 Who wouldn’t want to warm up with this super cute hot apple cider station?

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  Adorable and practical little hand warmers…LOVE!

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 Don’t know where to start?  This color inspiration board is a fantastic way to use color as your starting point!

Would you have an Autumn inspired wedding?

We want to know!