Fashion Trend: Short Wedding Dresses 2014

The short wedding dress trend will continue in 2014!  So many brides are choosing to wear short dresses over long ones for many reasons.  Designers are creating short dresses in all different styles to fit so many wedding themes.  Here are a few of our favorites for 2014.

For a chic courthouse style wedding dress this short dress and jacket combination exude style and sophistication!

Photo provided by Munaluchi Bridal

Lace dresses are still on trend for 2014 and these short lace dresses are sweet yet modern in silhouette. I love the lace long sleeves with the short hemline showing just the right amount of skin.

Photo provided by Dreamy Wedding Dresses

For a sexy look, great for a second wedding dress, these short and flirty dresses may be the one for you!

Photo provided by Langkah
Photo provided by White Me

Whether it is a beach wedding or an outside garden wedding this adorable feminine wedding dress is a perfect choice.

Photo provided by Trendy Bride

If you are looking for a short wedding dress, you can find any style you want.  Flirty, chic or sophisticated or modern.

Photo provided by Bajan Wed

Which dress is your favorite?

Convertible Wedding Dresses

Choosing the perfect wedding dress is not always an easy task and brides who can’t decide which dress to choose are opting to buy two dresses. The first dress for the ceremony and the second dress for the reception.  The first is typically more classic in silhouette and more conservative in style and the second “party” dress is for dancing the night away.

Buying two dresses can get expensive so why not buy one dress and get two looks? You may have seen the convertible bridesmaid dresses but what about a convertible wedding dress?

Many convertible wedding dresses have a removable skirts.  That way you can have a more traditional length and silhouette for the ceremony and instead of bustling the dress you remove the bottom part of the dress to make it short!

Other convertible dresses have overskirts that can be removed at the waist to reveal a shorter dress!

Or the over skirt is attached at the waist and when removed reveals a tighter more slim version of the original dress.

As much as I like this idea I would warn you to be careful that the dress doesn’t look like it is convertible. No one should realize that you can remove the skirt or change the look of the dress until you show up to the reception and show everyone your new look!

What do you think about convertible wedding dresses? Would you wear one?

Happy Dress Hunting!

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Fashion Accessory: Bridal Hats

A few weeks ago at Glendalough Manor a bride wore a show-stopping top hat to the reception with her bridal gown. I couldn’t help but admire her guts to wear such a fashion forward and incredibly unique accessory on her wedding day. The pictures below are the closest thing I could find to her bridal hat.   I will be posting pictures soon of the wedding at Glendalough Manor and her incredible hat!

If you think that this trend is too fashion forward or too bold for your style you may want to think again.  There are so many bridal hats to choose from depending on your individual taste and style.  You can choose a small dainty hat or a large avant-garde hat but either way wearing a hat on your wedding day is a unique.

Take a look at these more simple hats with different adornments including feathers and birdcage veils that can be worn for the ceremony.  Simple and elegant but also unique!

Or you can always choose to forgo the hat for the ceremony (especially if it is large) and wear it for the reception!  Guests will go gaga over the dramatic change in how you look!

As I was looking for pictures of bridal hats I started to really love this trend.  Maybe I am a sucker for anything different but I have to say I would totally rock a hat if I was getting married again! Take a look at some of these dramatic and jaw dropping hats!

I love how these hats look like real flowers!!

One of my favorites is the hat below…just gorgeous!

What do you think about bridal hats?

Would you wear one?  We want to know!

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