Bridal Shower Brunch Menu

I love the idea of a bridal shower brunch!  Of course the best part about having a bridal shower in the morning is the food! Who doesn’t love breakfast?   There are so many menu options and creative ways to display the food for a bridal shower brunch. Here are some of my favorite menu ideas!

When I think about breakfast I normally think about pancakes.  How cute are these mini pancakes with a “ring” on each one?

Photo provided by Blow Out Party

Try offering flavored syrups when serving pancakes or waffles!

Photo provided by Bridesmaid

Another breakfast favorite is french toast.  Using small plastic cups with syrup inside is a great way to serve it!

Photo provided by The Kitchn

Doughnuts are also a great option for a brunch shower. Stack them up to serve as the “cake” and pair with cold milk for a perfect sweet treat!

Photo provided by Celebrations At The Home Blog

You can’t have doughnuts without coffee! Look at this coffee station that includes ice and milk to make iced coffee!

Photo provided by Pretty Plain Janes

A veggie bar with assorted dips is a great menu option for a brunch along with serving fruit.  If you want something other than fruit try making fruit smoothies! Yum!

Photo provided by Karas Party Ideas

For a fun twist set up a Mimosa Bar with champagne and different juices. Or try a bloody mary bar with assorted garnishes like olives, limes and celery.

Photo provided by Brittcroft Blog
Photo provided by ATL Bachelorette Resource

Do you have a brunch menu item perfect for a bridal shower?

Let us know!

Not So Cheesy Bridal Shower Games

Planning a bridal shower can be a daunting task.  As the host of the shower, you want to make sure you plan a celebration the bride will love.  There are many details to planning a perfect bridal shower and in my opinion the hardest thing to plan are games to play with the guests.  Depending on the game you choose it can determine the success or failure of the shower! Here are a few fun, non-cheesy game ideas your guests (and the bride) will love!

My favorite non-cheesy game is the “He Said, She Said” game.  There are a few variations of this game and you can customize the questions to fit the couple.  The first way to play this game is to ask both the bride and groom questions prior to the shower and ask the bride at the shower to see which of their answers match.  Guests can guess before the shower and see how many they got right.  This way reminds me of the Newlywed Game…so much fun I promise guests will be laughing.

Photo provided by Etsy

Or if your couple is on Facebook all the time, have guests guess whether the bride or groom wrote the quote!

Photo provided by HWTM

You can also pass out questions to the guests on how well they know the bride!  See how many they get right when the bride answers the questions during the shower!

Photo provided by Bridal Guide

Another great game is a bridal themed Pictionary.  Split the shower in to two teams and sit back and let the laughs ensue!

Do you remember playing the game Memory as a kid?  Well, this bridal version can be memories that each guests write before the shower about the bride and each memory is matched to the guest attending!

Photo provided by Stampin with Nikki

Another fun game is “How Old Are You?”  This game involves getting pictures of the bride at different ages and asking the guests to guess how old the bride was in each picture. Person who guesses most correct wins!

Photo provided by Martha Stewart Weddings

Which game is your favorite? Do you have a fun game to add to this list?

Let us know!

Carnival Themed Bridal Shower

Have you ever been to a carnival themed wedding?  For most brides, a carnival inspired wedding is a little too untraditional for their taste, but a carnival themed bridal shower might be the perfect fit!  Who doesn’t love carnivals and all that they entail?  If you are unsure how to plan a carnival themed bridal shower or are scared it sounds cheesy…don’t worry!  Here are a few ideas to help put together a slammin’ carnival themed shower.

First choose a carnival inspired invitation to give guests a glimpse in to the theme of the shower.  This particular invitation is for a baby shower but would look great as a bridal shower invitation as well.

Whether you decide on using multiple colors or a more muted color scheme, almost any colors you choose will look great with this theme.  This theme works best in an outside venue or backyard.  Use banners and lanterns to decorate the space and give it a “carnival” theme.  You could even rent a small tent for the food or guests to sit under.

The food is one of the best parts of the carnival theme! Any food you can think that is at a carnival would be perfect.  Corn dogs, popcorn, peanuts, cotton candy, etc. (you get the picture)!

A candy and/or dessert buffet is a great way to display all of your sweet treats!

How awesome is this ticket cake?

Don’t forget about the carnival games! You don’t have to go all out with the bouncer (however that would be a fun touch) but you can have DIY games like bag toss or coin toss.  You can set up bowling pins and have guests knock them over for tickets and “win” prizes.  I think guests would have so much fun!

 You can set up a photo booth station and have a ticket booth with props.  A great theme idea for a couples shower is to have a “kissing booth” to take pictures in instead of a ticket booth!


I hope these pictures have helped you in planning a carnival themed bridal shower!  We would love to hear what you think about this bridal shower idea! Let us know what you think!

Happy Planning!

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