Bridesmaids Trends 2013: Gray is New Black

According to fashion experts and, gray is the new black in bridesmaids dresses for 2013!  Every bride hopes to choose a dress that their bridesmaids can wear again and the best dresses to wear again are neutral colored dresses. The LBD or little black dress was the perfect option and allowed bridesmaids to actually wear their dress again.  Now the new neutral dress isn’t black, it is gray.  Worn with different accessories a gray dress is a great staple in any girls wardrobe.

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Gray is the perfect neutral for any color palette.  Pair gray a gray bridesmaid dress with colorful accessories or flowers to  totally change the look of the wedding.

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Or choose ivory flowers to keep a more classic and neutral color palette.  Either way you can ‘t go wrong.

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Since gray is a neutral color like black, I like the idea of letting each bridesmaid choose the silhouette they feel most comfortable in.  Plus it makes the wedding more modern and gives dimension in pictures.

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Do you agree that gray dresses are the new black dresses for bridesmaids?  Would you choose gray for your girls?

Let us know your thoughts!

Happy Planning!

A Touch of Sparkle: Sequined Bridesmaid Dresses

If you want to add some sparkle to your wedding, why not have your bridesmaids shine in sequined bridesmaid dresses?  Bridesmaids dresses have evolved over the years and are getting better and better. The newest trend in bridesmaid dresses is sequins and I am in L-O-V-E with these sequin gowns!

Choosing a floor length all sequin dress will give you a dramatic look.  These dresses make a bold statement in all sequins but stay classic with the silhouette.

Or choose a gown with only touches of sequins for a less dramatic look.  Be careful when choosing sequin gowns that you choose the right silhouette especially when choosing a short bridesmaid dress.  If it is too short or showy it won’t look classy.

I  love the idea of wearing a belt over a sequin dress to match the wedding colors!

What do you think about these sequin wedding gowns?  Should this trend stay or go?

Leave us your thoughts!

Happy Planning!

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