Themed Engagement Sessions: Hobbies

I know I just posted Themed Engagement Sessions: Movies but I found so many creative and fun ideas for engagement portraits I just couldn’t wait to share them with you!

If you don’t have a favorite movie, it may be easier to portray a favorite hobby.  Like I mentioned in my last post about engagement session themes (and any theme for that matter) as long as it fits your personalities your pictures will turn out great!  I have listed some of my favorite hobby’s that couples are using as the theme for their engagement pictures.

Sports like baseball and football are great for showing off your personalities and favorite interests. Check out how these brides used sports as the inspiration for their pictures.

Do you love camping together?  How cute are these camping pictures?!

If your man loves fishing why not use that as the theme for the engagement shoot? I think this bride-to-be looks so adorable with her dress and yellow rain boots!

If you both love water sports like surfing, use that as the inspiration for your engagement session!

Do you love reading books? You could have your photo shoot in a bookstore or coffee shop!

And lastly, I love this engagement shoot with the couple riding their bikes.

As you can see, there are so many different options you can choose from.  Just pick something you love to do together and plan your engagement session around that!

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Themed Engagement Sessions: Movie Inspired

I am in love with themed engagement shoots!  The days of a newly engaged couples taking pictures in a studio are quickly fading and are being replaced with some fun and creative themes as the inspiration for their photography session.  I think the key to a great shoot is to make sure the theme you choose “fits” you and your fiance.  If you try to force a theme that isn’t you it may come off as cheesy and overdone. As long as the theme you choose fits your personalities, it will turn out to be a great shoot with amazing pictures that will be a great expression of your love for one another.

My all time favorite sessions would have to be movie-inspired themes.  If you and your fiance enjoy a certain movie and it has a love story there is probably a way to recreate some of those moments in a photo shoot.

Below is Disney’s “Up” Themed photo shoot and I thought it was too cute not to share.

Take a look at this “Water for Elephants” engagement session!  This is so classic and beautiful!

Here is one of my favorite movies “The Notebook”…how romantic!

Check out this Alice in Wonderland inspired engagement shoot!

What about a Breakfast at Tiffany’s theme?

If you are a Twilight movie fan, this would be perfect!

What do you think of these movie inspired engagement shoots?

Let us know if you are having a movie inspired engagement shoot….we would love to feature it on our blog!

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