Unique Reception Room Layouts

Have you thought about how you want your reception tables to be set up for your reception?  Many brides forget to think about the setup of the room until the end of the planning but this small detail can make a big impact on the decisions along the planning process.  Before you begin meeting with vendors, think about the types of tables you want to use and how many of each kind of table you would want in the room.  This information will be important in choosing linens and even flower arrangements.

There are many different types of tables to consider besides the traditional round tables.   Square tables are a great alternative to round tables.  Keep in mind they typically seat eight people comfortably rather than the round tables which can seat between 10 and 12 people per table.

Photo provided by The Bridal District
Photo provided by Brides

Estate tables or long rectangular tables are another great choice for wedding seating.  For a super modern look you can use all estate tables or put them together to create one long table.  For the right space, this U-shaped design is fabulous and super intimate.

Photo provided by Bridesmaids and Weddings
Photo provided by Society Bride

My favorite way to set a room is to mix the different types of tables together.  It creates lots of visual interest in the room.  You can even choose flower arrangements for the tables to compliment the table which will add another layer of visual appeal.

Photo provided by Element of Elegance
Photo provided by Monogram-Weddings

Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box with your design!  Look at this serpentine long reception table….how fun!  Or these completely round tables with the tree centerpiece in the center…how unique!

Photo provided by Hurricane Productions
Photo provided by Wiregrass Weddings

Speak with your venue to see if they create a customized room design for you.  If you are getting married at Glendalough Manor they have a room design program that allows them to create the room setup to your specifications.  If they do not create a room layout for you, their are free applications on wedding websites like WeddingWire.com.

Happy Planning!