Centuries ago, European aristocrats, most notably those in France and Italy, would send their wedding guests home with a small gift called a bonbonniere, or as it’s called in Italian, a bomboniere. These weren’t exclusively a wedding staple since they were also given out at birthday parties and other celebratory occasions.  A bonbonniere was actually a box made of porcelain, crystal, precious stones or metal. Inside one would find delicacies made of sugar. It was from these boxed and gift wrapped confections that today’s wedding favors are derived.  Facts thanks to:

Ah, the wedding favor!  A long time wedding tradition that can be dated back to the 16th century.  However, traditions have evolved as the world has evolved.   You have seen it all from personalized bags of m&ms, labeled candles, ect…  How about a wedding favor that your guests will actually enjoy.  Let’s just be honest, besides the obvious reason of celebrating your love, your guests deep down inside can’t wait to indulge in good food, drinks and take away gifts that reflect the true personality of you and your fiance.  After all, it provides them with a little insight on who you are as a couple.  I invite you to check out these awesome ideas for wedding favors because you can never go wrong with something delicious to eat, drink and a memento that will last a long time!


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Edible DIY Favors Your Guest Will Love

I am always on the hunt for creative favors!  Most brides want a cute favor their guests will enjoy but don’t want to bust the budget in order to give them something nice.  One of the best ways to give an inexpensive favor is to make it yourself.  You can make a unique favor at a fraction of the cost.  Like in years past, one of the most popular favors guests receive are edible.   Why not combine the two ideas and make a tasty homemade treat as your wedding favor that won’t break the bank?  I have listed five edible DIY favors that I think your guests will love.

Donuts make a yummy gift for your guests and will be a big favor trend in 2013!   If you decide to buy donuts it can get quite expensive so making them on your own is a great option.  For an easier way to cook the donuts look at buying donut trays to fill the batter and bake them instead of frying them.  Just add some icing and sprinkles to finish the look.  Or make donut holes and just sprinkle with powdered sugar.

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Another great DIY favor idea is to make your own jam or jelly.  Just put them in mini mason jars with some material and twine for a finished look. You can also make a cute label, tag or sign to let guests know they are homemade!

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If you have a family recipe you want to share with your guests you can give them a cute recipe card and also include a jar of homemade tomato sauce or BBQ sauce to go with the recipe.

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Infused sugar is another easy and beautiful choice for a wedding favor.  Choose different fruits or herbs to put inside the sugar and after time the sugar will taste like the fruit or herb.

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Do you have a favorite drink?  Mix together your favorite lemonade, sweet tea or other “spiked” drink your have made to share with your guests!

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I hope these ideas have helped you think of your own DIY edible favor for your wedding.

If you have any great DIY ideas you can share, we would love to hear about them!

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Yummy Favors!

I believe one of the best ways to treat your guests to an amazing experience is by giving them a unique, creative favor that they can go home with.  There are many different types of creative and fun favors you can give your guests but my biggest advice is to make it personal to you and your fiancé.  If it is something you love and want to share it with your guests, it will make the favor all the more special.  You want your guests to enjoy the favor they take home and I promise anything yummy and edible will not be left behind!   Here are some of my favorite ideas!

Everyone is looking for cute favors they can make yourself, well why not use popcorn?  Just put popcorn in cellophane bags with a cute DIY tag in your wedding colors reading “Love is Popping up Everywhere” or even just a thank you note for coming.  Guests will love it, especially if guests know you love popcorn or play baseball or softball.

Cotton Candy Favors!  I know it isn’t a circus but who doesn’t like feeling like a kid every now and then.  Cotton Candy comes in a variety of colors and this sticky sweet treat is a perfect way to end a long night of dancing.

Another great DIY favor is S’mores!  I love this idea if you are getting married when it is a little chilly outside.  Just give them the tools to make their own s’more with a piece of chocolate, graham cracker and marshmallow.

If you make homemade preserves and jellies they are a perfect favor (especially in flavors they can’t buy all the time…Muscadine and guava to name a few).  Giving your guests something homemade is always a heartfelt “thank you for coming”.  Guests can enjoy this over the next few months and think about your fun wedding as they eat their Sunday breakfast! =)

Lastly,I love bottled favors guests can enjoy at a later time!  If you and your fiancé drink coke all the time why not pass out glass coke bottles or another favorite drink. Or a bottle of your favorite champagne or wine…if you can make your own that’s even better!

I hope these pictures and ideas inspire you to come up with your own creative and yummy favors for your guests. If you are giving a yummy favor idea not listed here I would love to hear about it!