Food Trucks at Weddings!

Food trucks are one of the hottest wedding trends emerging in 2012!! From gourmet cupcakes to BBQ and burgers you can find almost any kind of food truck to be at your wedding.

There are many reasons to opt for a food truck at your wedding.  The first reason may be cost.  Most food trucks are less expensive than traditional wedding caterers.  Also, food trucks are usually more eco friendly by using fresh ingredients and making less mess by using paper products.

Another reason to have a food truck would have to be the awesome pictures you can get!

Some brides and grooms instead of a traditional receiving line are serving up tasty treats from the food truck as a way to welcome everyone to the wedding!

Lastly, I like food trucks because it is unique and sets your wedding apart from any other. How surprised would your guests be as they depart to see an ice cream truck waiting to hand out their choice of dessert as they leave?!?  Or grab mini appetizers from food trucks during the cocktail hour?

I know this trend is not for every wedding but there are ways to incorporate food trucks and still have a traditional catered meal for dinner.

If you live in the Atlanta area, a new food truck park has just opened and includes at least 15 different food trucks at one time giving you the opportunity to taste from several different food trucks and find the one perfect for your wedding.  The Atlanta Food Truck Park is open for lunch and dinner 7 days a week offering live music and even a weekend farmers and art market!

What are your thoughts on food trucks?  We want to know!

Happy Planning!

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