Wedding Parasols!

Wedding parasols are a great addition to any outdoor wedding!  Parasols, or light umbrellas, are being used as the new go-to accessory.  Parasols are so versatile and can be used in many different ways.

The most obvious use for parasols is that they are great for a rainy wedding day! Getting married outside you know there is always a risk for rain, so why not roll with it and make it apart of the wedding.  Pack a few parasols and some rain boots and you are all set!

If you are getting married outside, wedding parasols are also a great way for you to beat the heat, especially here in Georgia.  One of my favorite ideas is to offer them to your guests for the ceremony.  It provides them some shade from the heat and helps to keep them out of the sun.

 Another reason to have a parasol at your wedding is how much fun you can have with them for your pictures!  Look how gorgeous the lace parasol looks for the bride! And I love the cute pictures of the bride and all the bridesmaids with their parasols.

Not to mention the romantic photos with you and your groom!  You can even make your own parasol that says “thank you” and use that picture for your thank you cards to send later!

Lastly, parasols make great decoration.  Use them at the ceremony for some visual interest or hang them upside down at the reception for a touch of whimsy! Love it!

Happy Planning!

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Gifts for Out of Town Guests!

Most out of town guests travel a long way and make special arrangements to see you get married.  A great way to say thank you is to surprise them with a gift basket or bag filled with goodies for their stay.  These gift bags can be as simple or elaborate as you would like and are a great DIY project.  These bags usually don’t take a lot of effort to make but will mean a lot to your guests.

First, decide what you would like to put your gifts in…..a personalized bag, a box, basket or even a mini box or suitcase.  Also think about your wedding and if there is a theme or an aspect of your wedding that is unique.  The best gift bags will not only be a treat for your guests but give them a taste of what’s to come for your wedding. Lastly,  you will need to decide on the items to go in your bag that will compliment your theme. Below are some examples and tips of items for your out of town guests.

A beach themed wedding bag can include sunscreen, flip flops, chap stick, towels, and a bottle of water all in a basket weave tote or beach bag.

If you don’t have a theme for your wedding, you can make the out of town bag all about the state you are getting married in.  For example, if you are getting married in Atlanta you can include a bottle of coke , a varsity hat, peanuts, peaches, or any of the Georgia themed snacks below.

These bags are a perfect addition to a state themed gift bag for out of town guests!

I would always suggest putting in a few snacks and drinks for them to enjoy.  Especially since they are traveling and may get hungry along their trip.

An idea I love is to include a hangover kit to include a bottle of water, some headache medicine, antacid and a cover for their eyes! Too cute and how easy is this to make?

A great way to personalize your gift “bag” is to include a map and an itinerary.  In the itinerary include activities for the wedding and also things to do in the area before and after the wedding (places to eat, shop, visit, etc.)! If you want to save money, you can always include a regular map of the city and print out your own itinerary.

I hope these ideas have helped you choose gifts for your out of town guests!

Happy Planning!