All About Wedding Food!

Resident foodie here!!  Let’s face it; besides the fact that your guests are super excited to celebrate your new marriage with you, they are also eager to see what yummy cuisine will be offered at your wedding!  Take it from me that there is nothing worse than bad wedding food.  I have to been to so many different weddings and given my line of work, I am always a bit skeptical coming in.  This is what has also driven us here at Glendalough to provide the best wedding food you will ever eat.  I don’t like to boast very often but we pride ourselves in the food that we serve and always receive rave reviews.

We want to share with you some great ideas for wedding fare that you can offer…all of which we offer here at Glendalough as well:)  Enjoy!

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 Spoons of pesto cheese tortellini with tomatoes and Parmesan cheese!!

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Bite sized chicken and waffles….a favorite from our guests probably because we live in the south!

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This very chic vegetable and fruit display give new life to the old played out versions!

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Our homemade tomato and mozzarella bruschetta is one of my favorites dressed with a rich balsamic glaze…yum!

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Guests go crazy over these mini gourmet cheeseburgers and grilled cheese sandwiches accompanied by a mini pint of beer!

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Although our buffets are the most popular choice for our couples, any of our entrees can be offered as a plated meal.  We do an excellent plated meal service!  Featured here is a wonderful filet of beef served with a red wine mushroom reduction on top of garlic mashed potatoes and garnished with scallions!

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 One of our favorite offerings here at Glendalough is our “late night snacks”!  These yummy little nibbles of goodness are served well after the cake cutting but before the reception is over!  This leaves a lasting impression on you and your guests all night!

Our chef Raymond is dedicated to preparing the freshest and finest cuisine for all of our wonderful brides and grooms, their families and their guests.  We are proud to have him as our chef and will continue to step up the bar to deliver the most wonderful wedding food!

Happy Planning!

The Yummiest Late Night Snacks for your Wedding!

If you don’t know yet, one of the hottest trends in 2012 and 2013 are late night snacks!  These tiny bites of goodness usually served towards the end of your wedding make the perfect snack after a long night of partying and celebrating. The more unique the snack, the more impact it can make.  Most guests aren’t expecting any more food for the evening so this little sweet or savory treat can be a great unexpected surprise!

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Some of my favorite late night snacks are ones that the bride and groom enjoy!  If you love hamburgers or hotdogs, try serving mini versions.  I love how one bride packed these up in a “to go” box for the guests to take home!

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Guests love comfort food!  You can even choose to pass out small small containers of french fries or have a french fry bar!  This would go great with the mini hot dogs or sliders!

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If you or your groom prefer sweets, serve your guests doughnuts, milk and cookies, or my favorite from Glendalough Manor is the homemade assorted mini milkshakes.  Delicious!

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Everyone loves something at a fair so why not offer some of the same yummy choices like snow cones, cotton candy or popcorn!!

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Or if you can’t decide choose something savory and sweet….my favorite is bacon dipped in chocolate!!! Yum!!!

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Which is your favorite late night snack? Leave us your comments!