Choosing a Venue for Military Couples!

If you are a military bride, have a fiance in the military or you both are active duty it can be even more overwhelming and stressful than most to plan a wedding.

Choosing a venue is one of the hardest and crucial decisions a military couple will face.
Many couples choose a venue close to family and friends however that may mean the facility is not near the bride and groom.  In that case, make sure to look for a facility with experience in dealing with military brides and grooms. For example, Glendalough Manor offers a portal where all the planning can be maintained online.  For couples in different states and time zones it makes planning that much easier. You can stay in the loop with the planning and arrive right before the wedding without worry!

Another great thing to look for as a military bride is a venue that is all inclusive and has a high level of support throughout the planning process. You may even find a venue like Glendalough Manor that is owned by a military family so they understand military decisions and circumstances. Glendalough Manor also offers a military discount to help with the wedding costs!! Try and find a venue that does the same!

One of the hardest factors to deal with are military deployments which can make choosing a date very tricky.  Choose a facility that can be flexible in changing things in emergency situations.

Also try and look for a facility that is equipped with the highest in technology.  Glendalough Manor offers a live webcast so friends and family unable to fly to the States can watch the reception live from their home and don’t miss out on seeing you on your special day.  We have even had a situation where the Best Man was deployed a week before the wedding but was able to Skype in on the screens and give his toast during the reception. So cool!

If you are a military couple and planning a wedding in the South make sure to look at Glendalough Manor.  We understand the pressures and difficulties that can arise when planning a wedding in the military.  Trust us to ease your stresses and help you plan the wedding of your dreams!

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